Olu Bliss/”En Contraste”

Olu Bliss/”En Contraste”

“En Contraste” is inspired by Olu’s love for art and his interest in the French New Wave Cinema. After watching the 1960’s black and white films by French director Jean Luc Godard, Olu Bliss themed the EP after the movie “Breathless.” He captures the relationship dynamics between two main characters, Michael, a petty criminal and Patricia, a young American student and aspiring journalist. With songs like “Bang Bang,” a song that parallels the demise of a main character and the consequences of falling in love and “Roller Coaster,” a song highlighting the indecisive nature of their relationship, Olu Bliss suggests a post-modern soundtrack to “Breathless” with a pop sensibility.


Olu shares with his followers the journey through the recording and production of the EP through a short documentary series, “En Contraste: Journey to the EP,” through which he highlights studio time and his thoughts behind the recording of various songs featured on the album.

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Olu Bliss is music, love applied and good vibes. An aspiring singer/songwriter with an affinity for live music and traveling, his sound can be classified as Soul/Alternative. Drawing inspiration from various musical influences from Coldplay to Sam Cooke, Olu’s captivating lyrics invite you into his lifelong quest to experience love in color.


About Olu Bliss

Born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria, Olu learned to appreciate the diversity of music. With fragments of afro-beat, Jazz and Funk all around him, he was drawn to rhythms, scales and melodies of all sorts. Shortly before his 10th birthday, Olu’s family moved to New York City, opening him up to a world of new beginnings. Olu became the lead singer of the Soul/Alternative group “DejaVu” and recorded their EP “DejaVu” before graduating from SUNY Fredonia University and moving to Dallas, where he is collaborating with other local artists and showcasing his talent through live performances.