Walking On The Clouds

World’s Most Thrilling Observation Decks

Here’s a way to get naturally high, reach for the clouds and see as far as the eye can see (weather permitting).  Height and being “high up” usually denotes exclusivity and privacy in some way.   I’m one of those people that love tall buildings, rollercoasters and I even request staying on a high floor as part of my hotel profile.  Nothing like peering out of my window and getting a panoramic view of the landscape.

Willis Tower Skydeck (formerly Sears Tower) sits on a deck 103 floors above in Downtown Chicago.  On a clear day you can see 50 miles out and view 4 states: Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin and Illinois.

Griffith Observatory – Los Angeles, CA is located within Griffith Park atop Mount Hollywood.  The Observatory’s mission is to inspire everyone to observe, ponder and understand the sky.  On a clear day (no pun intended), you can see Downtown L.A., Hollywood and the Pacific Ocean.

Seattle Space Needle – I personally visited the Space Needle in 2010.  It’s a gorgeous view. I lucked out by being in Seattle on a sunny day, no rain.  Went to the top and it’s a quick 1 minute elevator shot up to the top.  Taking a walk on the O Deck, I saw spectacular views of Mount Rainier, the Cascade & Olympic Mountains, the Puget Sound and the Pacific Ocean.   There’s no better way to view the Pacific Northwest.

Burj Khalifa Observation Deck – The Burj Khalifa in Dubai, United Arab Emirates is the WORLD’S tallest building.  While travelling on a high speed elevator  124 floors up, you get to view a multi-media presentation chronicling the early days of the when the Burj Khalifa was first built until now.  I hope to visit Dubai someday soon!

Dachstein Sky Walk – Located in the Austrian Alps, nicknamed “the balcony of the Alps”.  The Sky Walk is located at the Dachstein Glacier.  With glass floors you are truly getting a feeling of being suspended in the air.  The view is amazing as well, the Czech Republic and Slovenia can be viewed at the Sky Walk.

Skylon Tower – Niagara Falls, ON – When I was a student at the University at Buffalo my friends and I used to visit Niagara Falls often.  It was something that you did casually as a resident of Western New York.  There’s no question why Niagara Falls is one of the 7 Wonders of the World (there are still 7 right?).  The Falls are just spectacular, the power of the Falls is something that makes you scratch your head.  To get a good view of the Falls, the Skylon Tower is the place.  Not only will you see the Falls, but you’ll get awesome views of Toronto, the Niagara Wine Country and Buffalo.

Grand Canyon Skywalk – Also one of the 7 Wonders of the World.  The Skywalk opened in 2007 and it gives the 5 million visitors to the Grand Canyon a feeling of being one with the Canyon.  Years ago, the only way to get aerial views of the Grand Canyon was through a helicopter ride.   According to visitors, the scenery is absolutely breathtaking.  You have to build up some courage if height is your issue, but it’s well worth it.

Marina Bay Sands Observation Deck – Singapore – The Marina Bay Sands deck sits atop 57 stories on top of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel.   From a length perspective, it’s longer than the Eiffel Tower laid down on its side!  You get a panoramic view of Singapore as well to enjoy rooftop pools, bars and basically an entire entertainment district on a rooftop!

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