Solo Travel – Going it Alone

Solo Travel – Going it Alone

It’s no surprise that many of us are staying single longer, opting not to get married or experienced an ending to a courtship.  However, the urge and the desire to travel and experience new things and places is even greater when you are embracing your independence.

Speaking for myself it was generally easier to get a big group of friends to travel when I was younger, but as responsibilities increase for many in their 30’s, 40’s and older I  find myself  not willing to wait around for my friends to join me on excursions, and why should I?

Well it’s a growing trend everywhere, Solo Travel.   According to’s report “I Travel Alone”, several cruise lines are already catering to singles who want to enjoy their vacation on their own but don’t want to pay for a full room and bed (Norwegian Cruise Line being one of them)., meanwhile, launched a service dubbed the “first cruises for divorcees”.  The stigma of travelling by yourself is slowing going away.

Since this is a relatively new trend, do not expect to see a bunch of  single cabins on a cruise or  “Trip packages for One” in abundance.   On average you’ll have a few single cabins available, so booking EARLY is a necessity.  Like i mentioned above Norwegian Cruise lines, especially the Norwegian Epic has 128 single cabins and is the best option for solo cruisers.

According to, 2 luxury tourism travel companies Travcoa and Abercrombie & Kent recognized that they should meet the needs of the Solo Traveler.  On average the solo traveler has more disposable income and are more affluent than the average traveler.

Through research, Abercrombie & Kent found that if they waived the “single supplement” solo travelers would travel more.  A “single supplement” is the surcharge that tourism companies charge for travel packages and it could drive up the cost of a trip to 40% extra!

Abercrombie & Kent now offers up to 30  “solo savings” departures on 13 of its itineraries, including to China, East Africa, Egypt and Turkey.  Travcoa has also reduced its single supplement by 50% on eight of its small-group itineraries, representing savings of between $500 and $1,000 per traveler!

So if you toyed with the idea of travelling by yourself stop thinking and put your plan into action, lock in your 2012 travel ASAP.

Happy Travels!!

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