Hotels For Her

There’s a trend going on in society:  “Women Only” services.  According to Mintel Research, these services often sell themselves as safe havens where women can escape unwanted male attention and relax with female-specific amenities.

According to MSNBC, this trend has transcended over to Hotels.   This “trend” is nothing new because in the pre-Feminist movement, “women only” floors at hotels were extremely common.

The rooms on “women-only” floors are designed with women in mind. They include hair straighteners, yoga mats and a pamper bar that is stocked with beauty products.

Women who prefer to stay at a female-only floor feel more secure and have an overall confidence in the hygiene of a room since the previous occupant was a female.

The following hotels currently have women-only floors:  The Portal Hotel in Brisbane, Australia; Naumi Hotel in Singapore, the Premier Hotel in New York City, Georgian Court Hotel in Vancouver, B.C. and Crowne Plaza properties in Washington, D.C., and Bloomington, Minn., are among the hotels that also feature floors strictly for female guests.

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