Funk Band “Slave” Guitarist & Vocalist Mark “Drac” Hicks Dead

Mark “Drac” Hicks, one of the founders and guitarist from “Slave” passed away on June 14, 2011 of a heart attack. Mark was part of Slave when they started to record and tour. He was 16 when they recorded “Slide.”  Mark “Drac” Hicks and Steve Washington  formed the group in Dayton, OH in 1975.  Around 1980, Drac left, although he kept recording on a solo-album by other former Slave-member Stephen C. Washington and also for Washington’s project, Civil Attack. Around 1988 he released his first solo-album on Ichiban Records, to which Slave was signed as well. Mark recorded again with Slave, on their albums “Slave 88″ (1988), “Rebirth” (1990), “The Funk Strikes Back” (1992) and “Masters Of The Fungk” (1995). Around 2005 he released “Keep Tha Funk Alive,” a single on his own Drac2005 label which includes 3 mixes of the new song, and 3 other mixes of a remake from “Weak At The Knees”, originally recorded by Steve Arrington’s Hall of Fame. In recent years, Mark has been performing Slave-compositions, from which 2 live-DVDs have been released. Mark “Drac” Hicks of SLAVE died with a SLAMjamz project on the table.  They still want to move forward with the project. Slave member, Mark Adams, died in March 2011. My sincere condolences to Drac’s family and his friends. Like Mark Adams, he will be missed by all of the Slave fans. God bless. Thank you for the music! R.I.P. Some info from


  1. jamondon says

    I will truely miss Drac and Mark, I recently watched Slave perform live in Milwaukee the best legacy is to keep the music alive Slave keep on keeping on.

  2. silvermansteve says


  3. This is a blow!rest in funk,Drac.

  4. AL. FORD says

    Saw slave in montgomery,al. several years ago awsome musicians R.I.P BROTHER HICKS! PEACE!

  5. rennexoxo says

    How did he died?

    • Kandee says

      I am not sure. Haven’t heard how he died.

  6. Jamal says

    I was really looking forward to a reunion tour of the original members of slave. You slave wanna be’s please stop trying to immatate the baddest band in the land. The mid west music monsters. There is only one SLAVE and will never be another.
    Please show some respect and delete all that madness off youtube.

    • Rodney says

      Thanks for your comment, I agree 100% with you, I grew up in Dayton, Ohio in the same neighborhood where the original. Slave members grew up. I lived down the street from Mark Adams, Floyd. Miller, Thomas Lockets who all grew up on the same street. The so called new Slave needs to stop the bullshit. The original Slave will never be replaced. R.I.P M. Adams and M. Hicks you 2 were ahead of your time!

  7. Chris Gill says

    Sad news. I’ve been writing an article about the top funk guitarists and he’s one of my subjects. Then I come across this news . . . Drac was one of my favorites. He will be missed.

  8. Sean Jones says

    I can’t believe it. We just lost Adams and now Hicks. These two laid down some of the baddest funk jams ever recorded.

    Rest in peace Mark Hicks… you will be missed.

  9. Erik says

    I was just told of the passing of “Drac” and I just would like to thank him and Mark Adams for giving us some of the greatest music ever to be recorded,not to mention that they did most of these recordings when they were teenagers so RIP Drac your work is done

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