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Carolyn Malachi Is Blowing Smoke

Carolyn Malachi Is Blowing Smoke

Grammy nominated and multi talented actress, singer, songwriter Carolyn Malachi is back with new music. The soulful songstress said she will drop singles to get fans ready for her album’s release later this year.

She is working on a trilogy. the first of the three releases will be entitled Rise: Story One. Carolyn has dropped the first single from the project, it’s entitled Blowing Smoke and it’s not what you think it is.

Carolyn says her creative process is heavily influenced by life experiences. In life we often run into people we share our vision with them and they may have faith that you will do what you say you will or they may say aww he or she’s just blowing smoke.

“I had to constantly tell myself that I would accomplish the things no one believed I could do. This is what I mean by “Blowing Smoke,” and doing so changed my life.”

We are really digging the new music and hope you will love it too. Check out Carolyn Malachi’s Blowing Smoke and catch her on tour in a city near you. Enjoy!


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Stream Music Soulchild’s Life On Earth

Stream Music Soulchild’s Life On Earth

Musiq Soulchild is getting ready for his first release as an independent artist and his 7th studio album “Life on Earth” The album is due out April 15th, 2016, however you can stream it ahead of its release date via Pandora.

The album is executive produced by the Grammy award winning producer Warryn Campbell. The first single “I Do” has been well received by fans and is moving up the charts. This album is hot and fans will be pleasantly pleased.

Stream the album and then Support Music and pre-order the album …you’ll get two singles when you do. “Heart Away and “Alive And Well”. Music Soulchild’s “Life on Earth” is available whereever digital music is sold. Enjoy!

Click here to Listen to Life On Earth

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Amber Mimz Releases Three

Amber Mimz Releases Three

Singer|Songwriter|Producer Amber Mimz is a native of one of the hotbeds for soul music. The District of Columbia. Her last project “The Life Of Riley” was Funk and Afro beat laces. That project was inspired by Fela Kuti. This time the Soulful songstress is offering up a project that is of a different callibur. It is a 3 track EP in which she explains the significance of the number three.

“The number three kept showing up in multiple ways in my life, right down to the number of times I’ve attempted a project like this over the last three years… While researching, I found that the number three symbolizes the principles of growth: one is the thought of an idea, and two is the fertility of that idea, which results in the creation of three, the final product. Then, out of all the demos and songs circulating at the time I felt strongly about these three to share. Thus you have the THREE EP.”

Download the project on Bandcamp

Check out the live recording of the first single released from the project. Enjoy!

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AB Celebrates His Favorite Girl

AB Celebrates His Favorite Girl

Ladies and Gentlemen.. In this corner we have a new contender for the title of Mother’s day anthem. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA BEEEEEEEEEEEEE! (and the crowd goes wild!) Momma said knock you out…and AB is ready to exactly tha.

Aaron ‘Ab’ Abernathy has released his latest single entitled “Favorite Girl,” a beautiful ode dedicated to the women in our lives.

The song pays homage to all mother figures, from mothers, grandmothers and aunts to older sisters. These women have been instrumental in raising a community.

that have the courage to go after their dreams all while supporting our own. It’s about women, for women and celebrates…women! With Mother\’s Day a little under a month away, I truly believe this record highlights how much we need and must celebrate the women that contribute to making us better human beings from the days of our youth to our adulthood.

Favorite Girl
Verse 1

Hey Mama
I love it when you talk to me
And show me that you care yeah
So full of generosity
Please know that I’m aware yeah
Of All the things you do for me
Your Love is not in vain
So thankful that you pray for me
You’re a blessing you’re a friend


And this one’s for my favorite girl
Humble, proud, and true
The Queen who brought me in this world
Mama I love you
(Mama I, I Love you, mama you’re my favorite girl)

Verse 2

You listen and acknowledge me
Your words of courage keep me strong
Taught me to offer an apology
Cause men admit when they are wrong
Said be accountable for what I say
Cause idle words bring trouble near
Remember Jesus Christ has paved a way
Just believe and have no fear


This one’s for my favorite girl
Humble, proud, and true
The Queen who brought me in this world
Mama I love you
(Mama I, I Love you, mama you’re my favorite girl)
Verse 3
Your love it never dies for me
Of me you’re not ashamed
Instilled me with your dignity
To uphold the family name
You said never give up on my dreams
Don’t lose hope when times get rough and
Happiness it lies within my being
Your love taught me I was enough


And this one’s for my favorite girl
Humble, proud, and true
The Queen who brought me in this world
Mama I love you
(Mama I, I Love you, mama you’re my favorite girl)
I said this one’s for my favorite girl
Humble, proud, and true
The Queen who brought me in this world
Mama I love you
(Mama I, I Love you, mama you’re my favorite girl)

AB will be on tour with Nat Turner and Black Milk in Europe.



5/11/2016 Zurich, Switzerland

5/12/2016 Lucerne, Switzerland

5/13/2016 Antwerp, Belgium

5/14/2016 Bruges, Belgium

5/15/2016 Düsseldorf, Germany

5/18/2016 Vilnius, Lithuania

5/19/2016 Breda, Netherlands

5/20/2016 Bordeaux, France

5/21/2016 Marseille, France

5/22/2016 Paris, France

5/23/2016 Budapest, Hungary

5/24/2016 Copenhagen, Denmark

5/25/2016 Stockholm, Sweden

5/26/2016 London, UK

5/27/2016 Lausanne, Switzerland

5/28/2016 Basel, Switzerland

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Maxwell Releases New Music + Tour Dates

Maxwell Releases New Music + Tour Dates

Maxwell is back with new music. Maxwell’s new single “Lake By The Ocean” is from his second album from the BLACKSUMMERS’NIGHT trilogy and it is available at all digital music outlets now! Press play and Experience the newness. Enjoy!

Tour Dates

04-23 New Orleans, LA – New Orleans Fair Ground
04-24 Tobago, Trinidad and Tobago – Tobago Jazz Experience
06-10 Tacoma, WA – Emerald Queen Casino
06-20 Sacramento, CA – Sacramento Convention Center
06-21 Saratoga, CA – Mountain Winery
06-23 Paso Robles, CA – Vina Robles Amphitheatre
06-28 Albuquerque, NM – Sandia Resort and Casino
06-29 Oklahoma City, OK – The Criterion
07-01-03 New Orleans, LA – Essence Festival
07-04 Montreal, Quebec – Olympia Theatre
07-05 Toronto, Ontario – Massey Hall
07-06 Buffalo, NY – Shea’s Performing Arts Center
07-08 New London, CT – The Grand Theater at Foxwoods Casino
07-09 Brooklyn, NY – Coney Island Amphitheatre
07-11 Columbus, OH – Palace Theatre
07-12 Mount Pleasant, MI – Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort
07-14 Louisville, KY – Louisville Palace Theater
07-15 Nashville, TN – Ascend Amphitheater
07-16 Little Rock, AR – Verizon Arena
07-18 Austin, TX – Moody Theater
07-19 San Antonio, TX – Majestic Theatre
07-22 Coachella, CA – Spotlight 29 Casino
07-26 Greenville, SC – The Peace Center Concert Hall
07-29 Norfolk, VA – Chrysler Hall
07-29 Raleigh, NC – The Red Hat Amphitheatre
07-30 Chattanooga, TN – Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Auditorium
07-31 Birmingham, AL – Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Complex
08-03 Orlando, FL – Walt Disney Theatre at Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing arts
08-04 Clearwater, FL – Richard B. Baumgardner Center for the Performing Arts
08-06 North Augusta, SC – Richmond County Civic Center
08-07 Jacksonville, FL – Times-Union Center for the Performing Arts

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