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Alison & The Millennial Train: 10 Day’s 7 Cities

Alison & The Millennial Train:  10 Day’s 7 Cities

Recording artist Alison Carney was among the elite participants who accepted the invitation to ride The Millennial Train during its maiden voyage across the U.S. The trip started in California on 8.8.13 and is scheduled to arrive in DC on 8.17.13 Alison documented her adventure on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The ultimate goal of this project according to project organizers is to inspire participants and others to be leaders thinkers and doers.


Our 10-day journey will be a transformational experience for all involved. Participants will grow as leaders, add to their entrepreneurial and design skill sets, and co-create new ideas with fellow riders. As we pass through different states, terrains and cities, you will gain a new-found understanding of the country and its boundless potential. And we will help others see it too, by showcasing local innovations with our #ontrack showcases and advancing creative projects in the localities where our train stops. Over the course of 3,000 miles, you will become a better leader, thinker and doer–and you will inspire other Millennials to do the same.

The trip started in California and ends in Washington DC Alison’s home.
check out some of the pictures from Alison’s amazing adventure. Follow Alison Carney on Instagram for more pictures. MISSJAPANESECANDY Enjoy!


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Jon Bibbs Needs You

Jon Bibbs Needs You

Dr. Jonathan C. Bibbs could be called a triple threat: he writes, sings and produces music that is respected and loved around the world. But his credits as a singer / songwriter only scratch the surface. Add accomplished musician, digital media strategist, philanthropist, and educator to that list, and we still haven’t fully defined what the multi-talented artist is capable of.

Jon Bibbs is currently the School Administrator at Richmond Preparatory Christian Academy and they would appreciate a little help. Richmond Prep can be paid $25 for each 25 votes that are received during the Give With Target Campaign.
Jon wrote on his Facebook page :

jon bibbsGood morning Facebook fam! Richmond Prep can use your help. We’re raising money in collaboration with Give With Target.For every 25 votes we receive Target donates $25 to our school. You can help us in two ways… you can

1) go to this link and vote right now:

2) share this post with your friends and help us spread the word about this fundraising event.

We thank you in advance for helping us help great kids become even greater!

Click here to vote!
Richmond Prep

Thanks to Jon Bibbs for investing in the children and the future leaders.
Now to compensate you for your time here’s a free download from Jon Bibbs called Close. Enjoy!

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