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Ledisi Releases “Nostalgia Movement No.1,” tributing R&B Legends: Patrice Rushen, The Isley Brothers and The Great Natalie Cole

mixtape“Before my beautiful friend Natalie Cole passed away, I had started the process of tributing some of my favorite legends. The idea came about because I always see people covering the same songs over and over. I thought to myself why not tribute the R&B Music I love, give a little bit of a new flair to the arrangements, and educate the listener all at the same time. My prayer is that my version of these songs will make the listener want to go back and hear the original. That is my way of paying homage to those who came before me.

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Lyrically Correct: Right Now…..I’m Feelin’ Kinda Bad Ya’ll

Lyrically Correct: Right Now…..I’m Feelin’ Kinda Bad Ya’ll


One of Natalie Cole’s most popular songs tells the story of a woman who’s hurting as a result of a relationship decision she made and now regrets.  “I’m Catching Hell” accurately describes the feelings of remorse we often feel when we know we could’ve made better choices in stressful situations.

Renowned relationship expert and author, Steven James Dixon, was a recent guest for my Superstar Summit Teleseminar series, and he spoke to us about “How To Avoid Bad Dates, And Attract An Irresistible Mate.”  One way to avoid bad dates is to recognize the baggage toxic people carry…..this includes your own, no matter how fashionable your baggage may be!

“I’m catching hell… here alone.”

When we make hasty decisions in relationships because of out-of-control emotions, pressure from others or our own insecurities, it’s difficult to repair the damage that’s done, especially to the other person.  These self-inflicted wounds can cause us to isolate ourselves because we feel we deserve to be miserable because of what we did.  But outside of relationships, its important to realize when you catch hell because of your choices, you can always throw it back!  The same person who caused the pain is the only one who’ll be able to stop it….YOU!

“I took a fools way out……without one good reason why.”

ITS CALLED SABATOGE!  Many have self-sabotaging patterns and habits and don’t even realize it.  The cause is simple….it’s called FEAR.  Some fear getting hurt by someone else, and will sabotage a relationship to avoid it.  Some fear failure, and sabotage their situation to avoid getting their hopes up only to fall short and be ridiculed by others; fear of failure is particularly harmful and can stop you from ever trying again.  And still others ….believe it or not…. have a fear of success, which is a much different kind of pain.  They fear success will raise OTHER PEOPLE’S expectations of them and are afraid they’ll be crushed by not being able to live up to them (…that’s another blog….).  No matter what it is, I want to encourage you to stop living in your own self-imposed hell!  Life is hard enough without a lot of undue stress and pressure about something that may never happen.

“If I could replay that whole scene again, I would kinda ease on back…..and let confusion pass on by.”

Sexy NatDo you have regrets for not finishing something you started in the past?  Are you guilty of sabotaging your success?  Newsflash! IT’S NOT OVER!  Now I don’t recommend you go buck wild and blow up an ex’s phone, but I do want you to be honest with yourself about what you really want for your life.  If you’re catching hell because you made a decision out of fear, I want you to know that only you have the power to throw that hell out of your life and go claim what’s yours!  Let your past stay in the past and begin again more intelligently.  Doesn’t really matter if you reach your goal, because you’ll grow in the process and just may discover the path to your true calling or true love.

As a ‘thank you’ for reading my blog, click this link to listen or download a free audio replay of The Superstar Summit Teleconference with me and Steven James Dixon: “HOW TO AVOID BAD DATES & ATTRACT AN IRRESISTIBLE MATE: Increase Your Capacity To Love and Be Loved.”

No more sad-sad songs…. claim your freedom from fear and go get yours!

Rome Madison
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