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Malia Cunningham – Malia

Malia Cunningham – Malia

Malia Cunningham has just released Her self titled EP Malia. She wasn’t raised in a musical family, but knew at an early age what she loved. Nestled in the suburbs of Seattle WA, Malia grew up with her mother and older brother. Although extremely shy, she loved to sing, and alongside participating in choir throughout her school years, she learned to play piano and trombone.

Although she knew her passion and love resided in music, Malia was most often times crippled with the fear of insecurity and self-doubt.

“For some reason I didn’t allow myself to dream musically, I always told myself that being a singer was too far fetched and I wasn’t good enough anyway.”

So she put her passion aside, and after high school, decided to continue her education. She left home and moved to California to attend college, where she would ultimately graduate with honors, while obtaining a BA in Political Science.

“I just went though the motions, I never did anything with music throughout those years. I just told myself I would go to Law school and become a lawyer.”
A few years later, while enduring several short-term, unfitting jobs, she found herself living in LA, and at a pivotal point in life.

“I was so unhappy and realized that everything about my life had to change,” she recalls.
“That’s when I sat down and had the first, honest conversation I’d had with myself in years. I asked myself, “What makes you truly happy, fears aside?”…and I knew the answer was and always had been music. I had been running from my happiness for years, in fear of what people might say, and just thinking I was not good enough.”

From that point she changed her mindset and started to focus on her joy again. She bought a guitar and began to self-teach.

“I sought out people to jam with and learn from. Now I’ve been practicing for over a year, I’ve performed in places like House of Blues Sunset, I have my first EP, and I’m the happiest I’ve ever been! I finally learned self-love and I’m embracing my confidence daily. My goal is to spread good vibes via my music and make people feel good.”

Run on over to Malia’s Soundcloud page and download her EP it’s Free Enjoy!

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