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Grammy Nominations Announced….

Grammy Nominations Announced….

The GRAMMY® Awards, are the the premier recognition of recorded music accomplishment
NATIONAL ACADEMY OF RECORDING ARTS & SCIENCES, INC.® Nominations for the 54th Annual Grammy Awards were announced 11/30/11 by The Recording Academy. The nominations reflect an eclectic mix of the best and brightest in mainstream music over the past year, as determined by the voting members of The Academy. The final nominations list includes some of your favorite neo soul artist… A complete nominee list is available at Among the 54th Grammy nominees are:

Best R&B Performance Marsha Ambrosius for Far Away, Ledisi for Pieces Of Me, and KP Miss Kelly Price and Stokley from Mint Condition. for Not My Daddy and Corrine Bailey Rae for Is This Love
Best Traditional R&B Performance Cee-Lo Green & Melanie Fiona Fool For You, Raphael Saadiq Stone Rollin’
Best Traditional R&B Performance
Sometimes I Cry by Eric Benét, Fool For You by Cee Lo Green & Melanie Fiona
Raphael Saadiq Stone Rollin’, Surrender Betty Wright & The Roots
Best R&B Song
Far Away by Marsha Ambrosius, Sterling Simms & Justin Smith, songwriters (Marsha Ambrosius) Fool For You by Cee Lo Green & Melanie Fiona, songwriters (Cee Lo Green & Melanie Fiona) Not My Daddy Kelly Price, songwriter (Kelly Price & Stokley)
Pieces Of Me Charles Harmon, Claude Kelly & Ledisi Young, songwriters (Ledisi)
Best R&B Album Pieces Of Me by Ledisi and Kelly by Kelly Price

Best Long Form Music Video Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels Of A Tribe Called Quest by A Tribe Called Quest Michael Rapaport, video director; Robert Benavides, Debra Koffler, Eric Matthies, Frank Mele, Edward Parks & A Tribe Called Quest, video producers
[Jive/Legacy] Nine Types Of Light TV On The Radio Tunde Adebimpe, video director; Michelle An & Braj, video producers [Interscope/Geffen/A&M]

There are a lot of talented artists who weren’t recognized, However let’s be mindful that. The Grammy Awards have never been geared at recognizing popular artists or those artists the general public likes, but more so at the artists’ creative process as well as the art and technology of the recording process. These artist in some cases are people we’ve never heard of. However the soul music genre is on the rise. I encourage you to support independent artists and the independent movement…. Lets make a conscious effort to bring good honest music back.

The Neo Soul Cafe Family would like to express a heartfelt congratulations and a wish for good luck to all of the artists who were nominated for Grammy Awards

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Is D’Angelo Back???

Is D’Angelo Back???

After an 11 year hiatus, Neo Soul movement pioneer, D’Angelo, is reportedly putting the wraps on his forthcoming CD tentatively titled James River, which is to be released on RCA records. James River is by far the most highly anticipated CD to date due largely in part to the success of both Brown Sugar and Voodoo. It’s been said that D’Angelo has been collaborating with Raphael Saadiq, Prince, Cee-Lo,  ?uestlove and Roy Hargrove, among others on this CD. I really wouldn’t be surprised if the CD debuts at number one.  D’Angelo’s project is slated for release late 2011 early 2012.  D’Angelo fans everywhere are excited and anxious for this masterpiece to be released. D’Angelo has also announced concert dates in Stockholm Jan 26, 2012 & Paris in January 29, 2012. Tickets on sale for the Stockholm show go on sale Friday 11/11/11 and tickets for the Paris show go on sale Saturday 11/12/11… This is Sooooo Awesome…!!!!


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Cam & Dee~va’s Music Reviews

Cam & Dee~va’s Music Reviews

We’re delivering some INCREDIBLE musical treats for October….











The Golden Age of The Apocalypse — Thundercat

Dee~va: Thundercats HooooooooooO! is the battle cry and Thundercat leaps into action with his debut cd “The Golden Age Of The Apocolypse”. Steven Bruner aka Thundercat, is a big fan of cartoons thus his facination with Thundercats cartoon is how he got his nickname. I thought the name of this CD came from The X-Men comic books and the Age of Apocalypse, but Thundercat said his mother came up with the title. This is a jazz inspired electronic CD. Everbody will not be able to catch a vibe. However for those who dig Thundercat, this CD is Super! Duper! Dope! I Love it!… My favorite joints are “Is It Love”, “Boat Cruise” and “Seasons”

Cam:  This album definitely sparkles.  Electro-jazz fusion….abstract sounds…..Stephen “Thundercat” Bruner shines with his debut album “The Golden Age of Apocalypse”…proving he’s not your average cat.  Not only is he the son of Temptations drummer Ronald Bruner Sr., but he has made his own mark in the music industry for quite some time.  He is best known for being a bass player for Suicidal Tendencies, working with Snoop Dogg and Erykah Badu, and being under the “wing” of Steve Ellison aka Flying Lotus.  This album, full of spaced-out ’70s harmonies, jazzy drums, funky memorable bass lines, is one of those rare albums that comes together as a musical space-age masterpiece.  There’s a unique blend of textures and instrumentation running through the bloodstream of this album that is so gratifying.  Just close your eyes…ascend in the sky and allow Thundercat to take you on an electrifying yet soothing journey.  Each song, each moment is not like the last.  Magnificent.   Without hesitation, do the needful, get this album.

Cam’s Favorites:  Fleer Ultra, Is It Love?, Boat Cruise, Seasons

Get Thundercat’s latest album “The Golden Age of Apocalypse” here ! >>

Or download it now on iTunes! >>

Mister Nice Guy —  Eric Roberson

Cam: I know the cliche states that “nice guys finish last”…..well, 2x Grammy-nominee Eric Roberson aka Erro proves that nice guys actually can finish FIRST…with his 8th album release, “Mister Nice Guy.” I’m the BIGGEST Erro fan/supporter on Planet ERF (Eric Roberson Family)!  What’s amazing is that I’m sure all the hundreds of thousands (and counting!) of loyal fans he has worldwide would say the same. He’s inspiring, humble, eclectic, daring, an innovator, and an outstanding story teller.  Additionally, it’s simply MIND-BLOWING how Eric’s artistic creativity has no cap, no limit, no restrictions.  This album “Mister Nice Guy,”  is the result of individual key lessons experienced/learned from all his previous projects; illustrating Eric’s evolvement personally and musically. Delivering 15 ELECTRIFYING tracks, it clearly conveys influences of jazz, eclectic soul, and hip hop (features from Chubb Rock, Phonte & Hezekiah), profound production, while giving us something “new” to treasure with each listen. Eric also flows from up-tempo jams to emotional ballads effortlessly. From beginning to end, this album will evoke emotions within; make you laugh, cry, dance, relax, & inspire to do better.  Yes, Eric is known as “The King of Indie Soul” and this album shows that he definitely owns his crown. Layers of BRILLIANCE & MUSICAL GENIUS within each track. So far this is my favorite album of the year. Should you get this album? You really have to ask that?  Okay, I’ll answer…..YES INDEED!!

Cam’s Favorites:  Come With Me, Love Withdrawal, Fall, Magician, Picture Perfect

Eric Roberson’s latest album “Mister Nice Guy” will be released on  Nov. 8th in your local Walmart and Best Buy stores everywhere!  Pre-order now on iTunes and !

Order his full catalog of albums here ! >>

Charity Begins At Home — Phonte

Cam: Phonte Coleman…aka Tay…aka Phontigallo (or Tigallo)….I mean where do I begin?  If you part of the legions of loyal listeners of Phonte as I am and have followed his career, you know he’s a FORCE and has gained major respect in the music industry, with major acknowledgement for his work with Little Brother and The Foreign Exchange. Not often do you find an artist that wears so many hats in music and consistently STRONG in each like Phonte…..he’s a singer, songwriter, rapper, producer, musician, etc.  So when I got word that he was working on his solo album, I already knew that everyone better be prepared for a musical work of art.  But I was curious which Phonte would appear on this album?  Luckily, he gives us a taste of his melodic gift, but the “B-boy” Phonte took over this album. Welcome back Tay…. 😉  There’s no other way to slice it…..this album delivers 12 tracks of pure high quality dope musical gems that will give you multiple eargasms.  Lyrical content is thought provoking, raw, and real life ish.  With several guest appearances on this album, it was refreshing to hear 9th Wonder contribute to this project. Overall, this album is beyond SOLID because it’s full of music you can appreciate, it’s honest and Phonte illustrates his skill range full throttle.  He gives you him through and through at all times.  This album is a definite MUST.

Cam’s Favorites: The Good Fight, Who Loves You More, Sendin My Love, Ball And Chain

Get Phonte’s new album “Charity Starts At Home” on, or download the album on iTunes here!! >>

Extra Terrestrial Brother Vol. 1 — Martin Luther

Cam:  Nope, this is definitely not your normal album/project….extraordinary.  This holds true for all of this artist’s work.  Martin Luther McCoy’s newest  vault album “Extra Terrestrial Brother Vol. 1” is his fourth release, and he’s definitely in a category of his own.  He’s been in the game for a while….it’s been 7 years since he dropped his album “Rebel Soul Music;” and somehow I didn’t find out about him until about 4 years ago while watching VH1 Soul.  Yes, I became an instant fan of his craft and sound.  Martin has toured the world, performed on The Monique Show, and has been working on his long awaited album “Love is The Hero”.  In the meantime, he released this collection of 16 songs….some of which have been sitting on ice for as much as 10 years.  Regardless, this album is a solid SERIOUS piece of work.  This album captivated me with it’s electric fusion of soul, rock, and funk…..while sharing his perspectives on politics, love, social ills, etc.  And did I mention that this album features songs with Tupac Shakur, George Clinton, and Stic Man of Dead Prez??  I suggest if you’ve never heard of Martin Luther, get to know him with this album.  He’s an incredibly multi-talented singer/songwriter/musician that you do not want to miss out on any further.

Get Martin Luther’s latest vault album “Extra Terrestrial Brother Vol. 1” here ! >>

Cam’s Favorites:  Soul Music, Don’t Fall, My Favorite Sweater, Don’t You Trust Me

Love Infinity — Terry Tobin

Cam:  Infinite Love.  In a time where hearing organic love ballads is minimal, songstress Teri Tobin does an amazing job of casually drawing the listener into her world of love — with her debut album “Love Infinity.”  When I first hit “play” to listen to this album, Teri’s sultry and expressive voice grabbed me.  Her subtle vocal style coupled with smooth enticing grooves & melodies is a refreshing approach.  Each song has the strength to hold it’s own while not being “forced,” yet not too overbearing to blend perfectly into the next.  This album is a genuine portrait of healthy love….and captures the essence of falling in love; which speaks to every generation.  With Teri being born on Valentine’s Day, started her career singing background for Jeffrey Osborne, and being rooted in singing gospel in church as a child, it’s no surprise that Teri’s music delivers vocally, lyrically, and sincerely.  This album has set a tone that makes me look forward to hearing more from this songstress.  So…open a bottle of wine, and prepare for a very romantic album that is sure to make your heart melt over and over with each listen.  Recommended.

Cam’s Favorites:  Someone, Wide, Free, I’m in Love

Get Teri Tobin’s latest album “Love Infinity” now on ! >>

A Dreamer’s Journey — Strange Fruit Project

Cam:  Hearing about this new release from Strange Fruit Project had me super duper EXCITED!  Hey, it’s been 5 years since their album “The Healing”……which made BEAUTIFUL noise through the music sphere.  This Waco/DFW Texas hip-hop trio (super producer S1, Myth, & Myone) has been in the game for 7 years now, and they are continuing with their unique sound; but with this album they are a bit more grimmy with it….grittier…and I LOVE IT.  This entire album is DOPE.  Its mellow, jazzed OUT hip-hop vibes, vocal layering & interesting use of sound effects fit the title flawlessly.  The perfect marriage of soul & hip-hop…need I say more?  From beginning to end, “A Dreamer’s Journey” takes you through a myriad of sounds, tempos, and expressions of life.  Prepare yourself for rhymes that glide and electric beats that always keep you moving on and on.   Get this album ASAP….it’ll definitely take you on a journey that you won’t want to end.

Cam’s Favorites:  Heartbeat, Bright Lights, Gotta Move, Bigger Than Me

Find out more about Strange Fruit Project on their official website !

Get their latest release “A Dreamer’s Journey” here ! >>

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The Foreign Exchange Tour….

The Foreign Exchange Tour….

The Neo Soul Cafe absolutely loves +FE, The Foreign Exchange. We simply cannot get enough of them. The Grammy nominated duo +FE is comprised of frontman Phonte and musical genius Nicolay. The band also features a cast of amazing singers and musicians, Yazarah, Darien Brockington, Zo! and Deborah Bond to name a few. They are a phenomenal band and we hope that you would take the time to see them because they’re on tour and coming to a city near you. Please support good music and independent artistry. Here is a listing of +FE’s tour dates.

You can also find more info on their website!/FEofficial

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