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Cam & Dee~va’s Music Reviews

Peace & Blessings… We’ve had an amazing musical year… As 2011 comes to a close, as you reflect on the events of the past year and look forward to a new beginning in 2012, Keep in mind that Cam & Dee~va as well as the entire Neo Soul Cafe Staff’s wish for you is Health and Prosperity in the New Year…Support Independent Artists! Support Honest Music! Share the Gift of Good Music with someone in the coming year…

Daley Those Who Wait


Deeva: They say good things come to those who wait … well Those Who Wait is the title of Daley’s mixtape. So i’m thinking??? Who is this kid???? Square rimmed glasses and a high-top fade??? Gareth Daley from Manchester UK. He is a unique soul singer from across the pond ready to let us have it with his beautiful falsetto. So he’s not independent… Daley is in fact signed to A&M Records… It’s OK because the sound is there… You gotta know Daley’s mixtape is insane…. This is his Debut… His 1st time out the gate… and I luv luv luv it! Get it Now! It’s FREE… That’s Zero, Zilch, Nada, Gratis. Highly Recommended Dee~va’s Favs – Game Over, Alone Together, Spent Pretty Wings Like A Virgin, Doncamatic, Those Who Wait



Where do I start? Daley is an extraordinary singer/songwriter….from across the pond… whose been causing an uproar on the London music scene for the past couple years. This 22 year old from Manchester, England has an unforced soulful delivery that takes my breath away. Daley’s beautiful vocal harmonies and musical platform comes together smooth-as-silk in his mixtape debut “Those Who Wait“…with lyrical content that’s easy for everyone to relate to. The 10 track mixture features collaborations Daley created over the past year, coupled with some brand new joints. I love how Daley exposes himself, pulling off layer by layer; showcasing that his soulfulness is far from shallow….it runs deep. The future is bright for Daley, and after listening to this mixtape, I’m sure that his full debut album will be worth the wait. This EP is definitely worth grabbing. Highly Recommended.
Cam’s Favorites: Those Who Wait, Game Over, Alone Together, Doncamatic


Download this free mixtape in The Weekly Entree below!

Maysa Motions Of Love Shanachie


Dee~va: I first became acclimated with Maysa as a part of the group Incognito. Later on I found out that she sang with Stevie Wonder. How cool is that. So I heard this CD, Motions of Love, was inspired by a breakup/on again off again relationship. I thought to myself oooh drama let’s dig in. Maysa invites you to her world, she describes it as unchartered territory. Well alright then… Maysa, with her beautiful alto voice without a doubt delivers soulful jazzy grown folks music… This CD doesn’t have a bad track on it. I luv it from start to finish… Nothing but smooth silky soul drips from Maysa’s lips. Highly Recommended Deeva’s favs – Hold On, Flower Girl”, “Day N Night”, “Motions Of Love”, “When It’s Over”, “I Try”, and ” Your Name’s Not On The List”

Cam: Jazz/Soul singer Maysa Leak is on the music scene with he new 9th studio album “Motions of Love” and she sounds liberated. Known as a longtime vocalist for Incognito, Maysa has a very unique vocal sound that I adore. Rather than playing it “safe” in her acclaimed path of jazz, Maysa ventures out…showcasing her range by introducing other genres of sound into this project. “Motions of Love” brings together soul, R&B, disco, jazz, country, & a New Orleans tempo…..delivering an incredible musical montage that will please all of her many fans worldwide.

I love the romantic vibes of “Flower Girl,” a duet with Neo-Soul singer Dwele….this song offers an easy uptempo beat, coupled with the sensual vocals of Maysa and Dwele; a perfect combination. Let’s not forget “Have Sweet Dreams,” which features the dynamic Stevie Wonder; Maysa’s sultry vocals and Stevie’s “midas” touch is magical. And it doesn’t stop with these songs. This album is full of musical gems that will definitely be in rotation on your favorite playlist.

This album gives Maysa fans what they love about her: Her soulful, gorgeous, sultry voice. While showing you there’s even more dimensions to her musical genius. Highly Recommended.

Cam’s Favorites: Have Sweet Dreams, Flower Girl, I Try

Nicolay Nicolay with The Hot At Nights – Shibuya Session EP The Foreign Exchange Music

Dee~va: Whether it’s with The Foreign Exchange, on a collabo, or solo Nicolay always delivers. The current EP features remixes eight instrumental compositions from Nicolay’s 2009 album “City Lights Vol. 2: Shibuya”. The EP is the perfect soundtrack for your grown folks nightscape… Shibuya is definitely recommended for my Jazzheads and can be enjoyed if you aren’t that deep into jazz genre… Deeva’s Favs Departure…is by far my favorite cut on this EP. I absolutely dig the 2nd movement of this song.I also enjoyed Rain In Ueno Park



Cam: Simply Sophisticated Mood Music. This is the BEST description of Nicolay’s new EP “Shibuya Session;” which is a collaboration between him and Raleigh-based exploratory jazz trio The Hot At Nights. It features new interpretations and arrangements of 8 instrumental compositions from Nicolay’s 2009 album “City Lights Vol. 2: Shibuya.”

Nicolay is known as a half of one of my fav soul duos of all time, The Foreign Exchange, with rapper/singer Phonte. However Nicolay has an in-depth catalog of solo projects under his belt. For those that are loyal fans as myself, I’m sure you noticed how Nicolay definitely changes up his approach from his usual flavor with this EP. Yet leaving me overwhelmingly impressed with his versatility and evolution into an incredible musician. The eclectic jazz fusion and culmination of sounds within this album sets the perfect atmosphere to just relax and mellow out. Nope….jazz definitely isn’t dead…and this EP proves just that. This is just what Foreign Exchange fans need…and it’s free! Additionally this is a “kick off” to Nicolay and The Hot At Nights tour starting in January 2012! Download it now & prepare to see them LIVE in a city near you. #FanForLife Highly Recommended.

Cam’s Favorites: Shibuya Station, Satellite, Meiji Shrine

You can download it free here:—shibuya-session-ep.php

The Roots Undun

Dee~va : Got 40 mins? If so then take time to listen to one of the dopest grimiest cd’s ever made… Undun is a concept CD that chronicles the life of a dude who gets into the dope game…but it starts with his death… Undun let’s you know its real in the streets… sick tracks…dope lyrics The Roots are serious…and showing you that they are more than just Jimmy Fallon’s house band. It’s like a soundtrack I really wish that would come to fruition. Undun the movie… Dee~va’s favorites –


Cam: The Roots is acknowledged and known as the most respected groundbreaking hip-hop bands on the music scene today. In their 20 year reign, they present their latest studio album “Undun.” This album is beyond DOPE….it’s CLASSIC. I was totally “green” when I first listened to this album, and was still blown away. Meaning I didn’t realize it was a short-film within itself; telling the story of a drug dealer losing his life and looking back. However, I definitely felt it’s narrative structure immediately; which The Roots are known for injecting so much substance and depth in their work. Black Thought has a profound precise lyrical (poetic) delivery as always….leaving the extra bells & whistles to Big K.R.I.T, Dice Raw, Phonte, & other appearances. The music itself is phenomenal; reminding me of ’70s Soul storytelling by Marvin Gaye & Curtis Mayfield….with amazing mixes of funk, jazz, & guitar rock.

What really makes this album fascinating is how The Roots visited intense “grimy” topics that many wouldn’t; yet illustrates them in a fashion that’s beautiful and speaks to the soul. This album is definitely a strong contender for album of the year. Get this album…you’ll thank me later. Highly Recommended.

Cam’s Favorites: The OtherSide, Sleep, Tip the Scale, Make My, Kool On

9th Wonder The Wonder Years It’s A Wonderful World Music.

Dee~va: Hip Hop lovas put ya hands up!!! When I was a kid, we went Underground to hear those songs that were explicit in content or that did not get radio airplay because the artists didn’t fit the mold or was not commercial enough per record exec standards. With that said, We should really be asking the question??? Why is this CD still classified as underground hip hop….? 9th Wonder should really be mainstream…This CD should be bumpin on every urban radio station in this country. CEO, NAACP ambassador, Duke University professor, multi-platinum, Grammy award winning producer 9th Wonder rounded up Erykah Badu, Raekwon, Talib Kweli, Murs, Mac Miller, Saigon, Kendrick Lamar, Warren G, Big K.R.I.T, Pharoahe Monch, Marsha Ambrosius, Skyzoo, Big Remo, Rapsody, and Phonte to help out on his latest CD. 9th Wonder did that!!!! From start to finish the CD is on point. Dee-va’s favorites – Streets of Music, Now I’m Being Cool, Never Stop Loving You, Peanut Butter & Jelly, One Night, 20 Feet Tall and That’s Love.

Cam:Now this is a Hip Hop album…and one that will remain in rotation for years to come. “The Wonder Years” is really not just hip-hop….it’s fused with Jazz and R&B…..good DOPE music. This Grammy award winning producer proves why he’s legendary for creating music. And he definitely gels well with featured artists that he teamed up with on this album such as Erykah Badu, Talib Kweli, Phonte, & Raekwon to name of few…..STAR-STUDDED. I mean this is 9th Wonder…..since the days of Little Brother break up, this super producer also fulfills the role of a professor at Duke University….*Salute*. This man has put together a wonderful portfolio for himself; delivering his signature BANGING production, coupled with unparalleled vocals from key players in the music industry.

Should you get this album? Of course! “The Wonder Years” is a solid quality album that won’t disappoint. Much respect and love to 9th Wonder for his contribution in making 2011 a great year for Hip Hop. Highly Recommended.

Cam’s Favorites: Band Practice, Make It Big, Enjoy, Hearing The Melody, Peanut Butter and Jelly

Meshell Ndegeocello – Weather


Meshell Ndegeocello is and has always been different. I caught on to her music early on during the early phases of the reciprocity neo soul movement. The movie Love Jones to be exact….
Meshell’s current CD is Is Mature Eclectic Laid back and Cool… I think if I had to classify it it would be more so Alternative Pop than soul… Dee~va’s favs Oyster, Rapid Fire, Dirty World, A Bitter Mule, Crazy and Wild, Petite Morte and Don’t Take My Kindness For Weakness


Cam: When I hit “play” on my iPod to listen to Meshell Ndegeocello’s new studio album “Weather,” I didn’t know exactly what to expect. Hey, but this is a GREAT thing….especially in music. Meshell has always been the type of singer/songwriter that creates musical art that is within it’s own category. If you look back on her prior projects, Meshell’s canvas illustrates something different and unique every time.

This album is very warm and a deeply intimate one. I must say that the opening track “Weather” does a great job on setting the subtle tone and pace of the entire album. While it’s not full of overly dramatic melodies, you still feel passion woven throughout the entire album. It illustrates a focused, sophisticated desire. This is just laid-back, honest…cool music. With this album, Meshell proves one can express their political/social concerns without screaming it on the rooftop….seeking attention. Rather, Meshell stays true to herself, in a selfless manner. This quiet maturity & strength rings true in her soothing & husky vocals; and equally amazing instrumentation of acoustic guitar & electro-keyboard buzzing.

Meshell’s versatility is incredible. She’s been making her own brand of music for nearly 20 years, and “Weather” is another masterpiece added to her lengthy catalog. The title of this album is perfect as well because it captures all emotional whirlwinds; while showing how unpredictable & complicated they can be in life. Great album to relax to by candlelight. Beautiful work Meshell. Recommended.

Cam’s Favorites: Dirty World, Crazy and Wild, Petite Mort, Don’t Take My Kindness For Weakness

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Cam & Dee~va’s Music Reviews

Cam & Dee~va’s Music Reviews

We’re delivering some INCREDIBLE musical treats for October….











The Golden Age of The Apocalypse — Thundercat

Dee~va: Thundercats HooooooooooO! is the battle cry and Thundercat leaps into action with his debut cd “The Golden Age Of The Apocolypse”. Steven Bruner aka Thundercat, is a big fan of cartoons thus his facination with Thundercats cartoon is how he got his nickname. I thought the name of this CD came from The X-Men comic books and the Age of Apocalypse, but Thundercat said his mother came up with the title. This is a jazz inspired electronic CD. Everbody will not be able to catch a vibe. However for those who dig Thundercat, this CD is Super! Duper! Dope! I Love it!… My favorite joints are “Is It Love”, “Boat Cruise” and “Seasons”

Cam:  This album definitely sparkles.  Electro-jazz fusion….abstract sounds…..Stephen “Thundercat” Bruner shines with his debut album “The Golden Age of Apocalypse”…proving he’s not your average cat.  Not only is he the son of Temptations drummer Ronald Bruner Sr., but he has made his own mark in the music industry for quite some time.  He is best known for being a bass player for Suicidal Tendencies, working with Snoop Dogg and Erykah Badu, and being under the “wing” of Steve Ellison aka Flying Lotus.  This album, full of spaced-out ’70s harmonies, jazzy drums, funky memorable bass lines, is one of those rare albums that comes together as a musical space-age masterpiece.  There’s a unique blend of textures and instrumentation running through the bloodstream of this album that is so gratifying.  Just close your eyes…ascend in the sky and allow Thundercat to take you on an electrifying yet soothing journey.  Each song, each moment is not like the last.  Magnificent.   Without hesitation, do the needful, get this album.

Cam’s Favorites:  Fleer Ultra, Is It Love?, Boat Cruise, Seasons

Get Thundercat’s latest album “The Golden Age of Apocalypse” here ! >>

Or download it now on iTunes! >>

Mister Nice Guy —  Eric Roberson

Cam: I know the cliche states that “nice guys finish last”…..well, 2x Grammy-nominee Eric Roberson aka Erro proves that nice guys actually can finish FIRST…with his 8th album release, “Mister Nice Guy.” I’m the BIGGEST Erro fan/supporter on Planet ERF (Eric Roberson Family)!  What’s amazing is that I’m sure all the hundreds of thousands (and counting!) of loyal fans he has worldwide would say the same. He’s inspiring, humble, eclectic, daring, an innovator, and an outstanding story teller.  Additionally, it’s simply MIND-BLOWING how Eric’s artistic creativity has no cap, no limit, no restrictions.  This album “Mister Nice Guy,”  is the result of individual key lessons experienced/learned from all his previous projects; illustrating Eric’s evolvement personally and musically. Delivering 15 ELECTRIFYING tracks, it clearly conveys influences of jazz, eclectic soul, and hip hop (features from Chubb Rock, Phonte & Hezekiah), profound production, while giving us something “new” to treasure with each listen. Eric also flows from up-tempo jams to emotional ballads effortlessly. From beginning to end, this album will evoke emotions within; make you laugh, cry, dance, relax, & inspire to do better.  Yes, Eric is known as “The King of Indie Soul” and this album shows that he definitely owns his crown. Layers of BRILLIANCE & MUSICAL GENIUS within each track. So far this is my favorite album of the year. Should you get this album? You really have to ask that?  Okay, I’ll answer…..YES INDEED!!

Cam’s Favorites:  Come With Me, Love Withdrawal, Fall, Magician, Picture Perfect

Eric Roberson’s latest album “Mister Nice Guy” will be released on  Nov. 8th in your local Walmart and Best Buy stores everywhere!  Pre-order now on iTunes and !

Order his full catalog of albums here ! >>

Charity Begins At Home — Phonte

Cam: Phonte Coleman…aka Tay…aka Phontigallo (or Tigallo)….I mean where do I begin?  If you part of the legions of loyal listeners of Phonte as I am and have followed his career, you know he’s a FORCE and has gained major respect in the music industry, with major acknowledgement for his work with Little Brother and The Foreign Exchange. Not often do you find an artist that wears so many hats in music and consistently STRONG in each like Phonte…..he’s a singer, songwriter, rapper, producer, musician, etc.  So when I got word that he was working on his solo album, I already knew that everyone better be prepared for a musical work of art.  But I was curious which Phonte would appear on this album?  Luckily, he gives us a taste of his melodic gift, but the “B-boy” Phonte took over this album. Welcome back Tay…. 😉  There’s no other way to slice it…..this album delivers 12 tracks of pure high quality dope musical gems that will give you multiple eargasms.  Lyrical content is thought provoking, raw, and real life ish.  With several guest appearances on this album, it was refreshing to hear 9th Wonder contribute to this project. Overall, this album is beyond SOLID because it’s full of music you can appreciate, it’s honest and Phonte illustrates his skill range full throttle.  He gives you him through and through at all times.  This album is a definite MUST.

Cam’s Favorites: The Good Fight, Who Loves You More, Sendin My Love, Ball And Chain

Get Phonte’s new album “Charity Starts At Home” on, or download the album on iTunes here!! >>

Extra Terrestrial Brother Vol. 1 — Martin Luther

Cam:  Nope, this is definitely not your normal album/project….extraordinary.  This holds true for all of this artist’s work.  Martin Luther McCoy’s newest  vault album “Extra Terrestrial Brother Vol. 1” is his fourth release, and he’s definitely in a category of his own.  He’s been in the game for a while….it’s been 7 years since he dropped his album “Rebel Soul Music;” and somehow I didn’t find out about him until about 4 years ago while watching VH1 Soul.  Yes, I became an instant fan of his craft and sound.  Martin has toured the world, performed on The Monique Show, and has been working on his long awaited album “Love is The Hero”.  In the meantime, he released this collection of 16 songs….some of which have been sitting on ice for as much as 10 years.  Regardless, this album is a solid SERIOUS piece of work.  This album captivated me with it’s electric fusion of soul, rock, and funk…..while sharing his perspectives on politics, love, social ills, etc.  And did I mention that this album features songs with Tupac Shakur, George Clinton, and Stic Man of Dead Prez??  I suggest if you’ve never heard of Martin Luther, get to know him with this album.  He’s an incredibly multi-talented singer/songwriter/musician that you do not want to miss out on any further.

Get Martin Luther’s latest vault album “Extra Terrestrial Brother Vol. 1” here ! >>

Cam’s Favorites:  Soul Music, Don’t Fall, My Favorite Sweater, Don’t You Trust Me

Love Infinity — Terry Tobin

Cam:  Infinite Love.  In a time where hearing organic love ballads is minimal, songstress Teri Tobin does an amazing job of casually drawing the listener into her world of love — with her debut album “Love Infinity.”  When I first hit “play” to listen to this album, Teri’s sultry and expressive voice grabbed me.  Her subtle vocal style coupled with smooth enticing grooves & melodies is a refreshing approach.  Each song has the strength to hold it’s own while not being “forced,” yet not too overbearing to blend perfectly into the next.  This album is a genuine portrait of healthy love….and captures the essence of falling in love; which speaks to every generation.  With Teri being born on Valentine’s Day, started her career singing background for Jeffrey Osborne, and being rooted in singing gospel in church as a child, it’s no surprise that Teri’s music delivers vocally, lyrically, and sincerely.  This album has set a tone that makes me look forward to hearing more from this songstress.  So…open a bottle of wine, and prepare for a very romantic album that is sure to make your heart melt over and over with each listen.  Recommended.

Cam’s Favorites:  Someone, Wide, Free, I’m in Love

Get Teri Tobin’s latest album “Love Infinity” now on ! >>

A Dreamer’s Journey — Strange Fruit Project

Cam:  Hearing about this new release from Strange Fruit Project had me super duper EXCITED!  Hey, it’s been 5 years since their album “The Healing”……which made BEAUTIFUL noise through the music sphere.  This Waco/DFW Texas hip-hop trio (super producer S1, Myth, & Myone) has been in the game for 7 years now, and they are continuing with their unique sound; but with this album they are a bit more grimmy with it….grittier…and I LOVE IT.  This entire album is DOPE.  Its mellow, jazzed OUT hip-hop vibes, vocal layering & interesting use of sound effects fit the title flawlessly.  The perfect marriage of soul & hip-hop…need I say more?  From beginning to end, “A Dreamer’s Journey” takes you through a myriad of sounds, tempos, and expressions of life.  Prepare yourself for rhymes that glide and electric beats that always keep you moving on and on.   Get this album ASAP….it’ll definitely take you on a journey that you won’t want to end.

Cam’s Favorites:  Heartbeat, Bright Lights, Gotta Move, Bigger Than Me

Find out more about Strange Fruit Project on their official website !

Get their latest release “A Dreamer’s Journey” here ! >>

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Cam & Dee~va’s Listening Lounge

We’ve got our hands on some great music for September….

Jill Scott The Original Jill Scott The Vault Hidden Beach Recordings
Jillscott2 Dee~va: Yeah, Yeah I know, I know, some of you are saying Jill Scott has another CD??? The answer is yes. She dropped a new record with her new label Warner Brothers this past Summer. The Current CD, The Original Jill Scott from the Vault, was put out by her old record label Hidden Beach Recordings, which she split from. The Good news is both parties will profit from her work. Now to the business of it all. This CD is compiled of previously recorded, unreleased tracks. If you are a fan like me, then you already know it’s gonna be good. Jill Scott is always consistent. You pretty much know what’s going on with her because she tends to produce honest emotional music. The Intro had be moving…I thought I was about to get a full song then it transitioned into “I Don’t Know” I started to laugh when I heard this joint…cause it seems that Jill always makes references to food in her music. In this joint, Jill invite a man to dinner and told ol boy I make a mean Shepherd’s Pie… Real Rap… I was Wondering why you don’t talk to me like you use to??? Luv it!!!! funny how that happens…”Wake Up Baby” Lovely Day was the first single released from this CD what else did you expect? Ms Scott delivered a beautiful rendention of the Bill Withers classic. This song is definitely a feel good song…. Love to Love got my Reggae fix… Then Jill took me on a nice mellow ride…Running Away….that’s my joint. The muted intro and then it was like she kicked the door open…aaahhh yeah! I’m just so prettier….when I let it go! this needs to be a Sistah’s theem song encouraging them to let the B.S.go. The message stop stressing and worrying about things you have no control over. “Comes to the Light (Everything)” is an oldie but a goodie. We heard this on the Love Don’t Cost A Thing soundtrack. I loved it when I first heard it and I love it just as much today. Then she rounded it out with Holding on pure jazz…hand me a drink …I’m done! *drops the mic and walks off*
Cam:My girl Jilly from Philly…..we are blessed with yet a 2nd album from her in 2011; dropping nearly 3 months after the album “The Light of the Sun”. With this album “The Original Jill Scott from the Vault, Vol.1” being a series of unreleased songs, unleashed as a result of dealings between Jill and Hidden Beach, I really didn’t know what to expect for obvious reasons. Word is that these songs been sitting on “ice” for the past 10 years….But hey….this is Jill Scott….her musical accomplishments & consistency speaks for itself.
I will say that if you’re expecting this album to be a playlist of “unfinished” joints, you will be pleasantly surprised. I mean, all songs are originals; with the exception of “Lovely Day”, which is a Bill Withers remake. Jill ScottEven with this remake, she manages to put her “soulful” touch to it, which I found very refreshing. Honestly, it’s as if Jill just jumped in the lab, grabbed the mic, and gets right to it effortlessly. After a short intro “Love to Love Prelude”, the unveiling begins. Each song features some AMAZING productions, infused with soul, jazz, & R&B….& Jill’s flawless vocals. “I Don’t Know (Gotta Have You) is the perfect opening cut….it’s solid & profound, (gets your heading bobbing) and Jill’s classic delivery of telling a guy that she’s digging him…”You looked at me and smiled…and woooo honey child, I can’t explain but you move me…”. The background vocals made the song even more definitive. While it’s more of a casual, relaxed tempo, “Wondering Why” holds its own, in Jill’s unique way, she simply questions what ever happened to the conversations between her & an old friend. And then “The Light” appears….which is another solid track; & it reappears later with a “piano mix” that was cleverly done. With a more guitar vintage vibe, “Wake Up Baby”, Jill takes me back to when my granny would drop some jewels “..if he really cared for you, he wouldn’t be calling so late/…Wake Up Baby, wake up baby…he don’t really care for you, don’t you have school in the morning..”. It’s obvious with “Holding On” that Jill tapped into her sultry jazz nature; it’s obvious that Sarah Vaughn & Phyllis Hyman are a few of her influences with this one. Simply breath-taking “live” delivery.
I feel we can’t compare the Jill in this album to the Jill she is today in “The Light of the Sun.” Of course her latest album through Warner Bros. are focused arrangements, while this compilation has a “mixtape” flow. Jill is a songstress that evolves and “flexs” where she is in her life, and does an amazing job of reflecting it through her music. However, what’s amazing about this album is that these songs are so organic, and do not sound outdated AT ALL. Rather it just showcases how talented and creative this woman is….how TIMELESS her music is. Should you get this album? Without hesitation, I highly recommend it. This compilation allows us to appreciate Jill’s craft even more. Cam’s Favorites: I Don’t Know (Gotta Have You), The Light (Piano Mix), Wake Up Baby, Holding On

Khari Cabral Simmons Clementine Sun
Dee~va: One Word!…WOW! Where is my Moscato???… Khari Cabral Simmons has created a body of work that is much more than Amazing. I would have to say it’s Epic. Music has the power to move and Khari Cabral Simmons’ debut “Clementine Sun.” moves in a very extraordinary way. Every single cut on this CD is beautiful. If you are a jazzhead and like the world music vibe this CD is for you. If you just like music in general and your pallate is pretty diverse then this CD is for you. I honestly can’t give a description of each track. There is not one stand out because I love this CD as a whole. It lacks nothing. There’s nothing strange or wiered about it. He’s not making a statement. He just produced good music. I would like to say that this body of work is not dated and will probablly be timeless. I’m gonna have to tell DJ Frances Jaye to include one of these tracks on the Supercruise mix. (smiling) I Highly Reccommend this CD.
Cam: This CD is Concise and Beautiful. Khari Cabral Simmon’s latest project “Clementine Sun” is an amazing body of work, by an AMAZING musician. Everything about this album is so crisp and fresh…purifying. kharicabralsimmons It’s obvious that Khari dwells in a place where peace, joy, & oneness lives deep within, because his music “awakens” my spirit….so nourishing. He is well established in the music scene – he played bass for India Arie, had a jazz-funk band of his own called Jiva, and has worked with countless artists, such as songstress Julie Dexter. It is infused with the flavor to soothe, energize, and invigorate. Throughout this entire album, you’ll get taken away by great horns, lots of worldly percussion, and captivating sultry vocals. Oh and let’s not forget a profound baseline throughout the entire experience. One that I have to get straight to is “Ninos”, track 5 on the album….it’s 6 minutes of BLISS.
Cam’s Favorites: Never In Your Sun, Ninos, How Could We Go Wrong, Coolamon Waltz

This album is set to release 9.27.11! You can order this CD on and . Find out more about Khari Cabral on his official site

Ishe + Hezekiah Project 3 Crates Production

Dee~va: San Diego meets Philly. Ishe a vocalist from California and Hezekiah a Producer /Emcee from Philly came together to create an experiment in music. It took Less than 10 days for Ishe and Hezekiah to put this CD together. It was initially supposed to be a EP to be completed in 3 days, but it ended up being a full length album. The result The Ishe + Hezekiah Project. This CD is Amaaazing!!! I enjoyed every cut on this CD. I loved the vibe of the CD. This is organic raw soul at its best. Ishe & Hezekiah deliver super dope lyrics over elctronic funky bass laden tracks. ***Warning***Warning***Warning*** Hezekiah doesn’t drop any rhymes on this CD. Now because I love all the tracks on this CD I will touch on just the standouts for me, otherwise Y’all will be waiting on me all day to talk about this CD. “Baby I stand Guard over us/ let nothing come in between you and I.” She got him and her told…and that’s wassup… Eternal Hottness…. On “Dope Game,” Ishe provides clear and conscise vocal delivery over a tight dub track produced by Hezekiah. O.M.G. This is genius. the song tells the story of how females be going thru all in love with a dude she can’t help and he won’t help himself…been there done that. Now, anybody that knows me, knows that I love to travel. The song “Paradise” puts me in the zone with its tropical vibe and finger cymbals, it makes the joint all exotic. Opportunity is a nice dance track. Sounds like a lil P-Funk, this track took me back… “When you get that call you gots to move.” This is s today’s “Jamaica Funk” I can easily see Hezekiah as a young Quincy Jones. “Go Get It”…Encouragemnet and motivation to start living your dreams. Ok, let me stop I was about to list several other tracks. The Ishe + Hezekiah Project was described as being an experimental duo. The vocals are hypnotic, the tracks are sick, the vibe is dope.. I think the experiment worked. I highly reccommend this CD

ishe hezekiah>Cam:Did I hear this right? Hold on, Southern Cali songstress ISHE and Philly resident Hezekiah created the “ISHE + Hezekiah Project” in 9 days?!? While each of these artists have shown such dynamic talent individually, I find it so impressive how they brought their creative gifts and talents together….blessing the masses with even more good honest music. I am no stranger to Hezekiah’s ELITE resume; dude is fierce as an emcee & his resume of amazing production (for the likes of Eric Roberson, Musiq Soulchild, Bilal, etc) speaks for itself. However this is my first time hearing ISHE’s vocals in depth..and she has left me in awe. This collaboration is definitely a match made in heaven….how can you go wrong with the perfect union of organic soul and hip hop?
“Stand Guard” is really my favorite song on this album. “Girl you know you see this line…don’t cross it…He’s already spoken for….” Yes, she goes there, and I love it. yea…you may be fine, yea…but he ain’t paying you no mind when you walk by…yea…”…Oh, and let’s not forget about “Dope Game”….has such a nice smooth carribean vibe to it (horns playing in the background)….listen to ISHE as she sings “I’m in love, with a man I can not help because for some reason, he refuses to help himself…”….The blend of ISHE’s bittersweet lyrics laid nicely across Hezekiah’s hypnotic track leaves me speechless. This joint is BLAZING! As I eased into listening to “Paradise”, I instantly started smiling…closed my eyes….so sensual.. (Where’s my glass of Cabernet?) I hear a hint of that P-FUNK as I start bobbing my head to “Opportunity”….setting the atmosphere to get up and move…yes REAL dancing, the way it use to be.
Overall, the ISHE + Hezekiah Project = Magical. Both of these artists commit equally to each song, showcasing their unique art form….yet expanding their horizons. I am heavily anticipating future projects from this duo. No question about it, get this album.

Cam’s Favorites: Stand Guard, Dope Game, Paradise, Opportunity, pressure
you can find their music at
Twitter @ishetheish @hezekiah3rd

Clean Lust Dirty Laundry The Mixtape Honey Larochelle

Dee~va: Clean Lust Dirty Laundry, hmmmmm……oddly enough I believe I understand the concept and the title is certainly catchy. Honey Larochelle, The modern day pin up girl, The Urban Honey Bee, is Vancouver made and Texas raised… 🙂 Honey offers a mixtape, with 13 original tracks no covers. This CD is bound to be a favorite of soul music lovers everywhere. I love how the CD flows, one track into the other…like a DJ’s mix… You can listen to this CD start to finish with out skipping any tracks. honey The material selected for this CD allows it to flow seemlessly. I know I always say this, but this is the best compliment… You can clean up easily listening to this CD. You do not have to skip a track. that’s what I call quality music. Honey saw the door cracked and pushed it on in she let us have it with #Just Rise.” Then the she killed it with the dopest lyrical play on words in Flight of the Honey Bee. My Favorite track is “Spontaneoous,” in which she tells the story of how things can go when you first meet someone. The attraction is so strong that you choose to throw caution to the wind. and do something out of the ordinary. My other cut is “Hold You For Life.” Oh that’s my Reggae fix… being forward and expressive abut waiting on a dude. Highly Reccommended


Cam: Ms. Honey Bee… ;-)….I’ve been hearing the wonderful “buzz” about her for a while now; and I couldn’t wait to dig into her latest mixtape “Clean Lust and Dirty Laundry.” The title ALONE draws you in to find out exactly what musical art stands behind it. She’s one that would be a NEW ADDITION to my never-ending list of astounding artists. For those that knows Cam KNOWS that when I find out about a new independent artist, it’s like Christmas Day & my birthday rolled into one! When I found out that Honey has written/vocally arranged for amazing artists such as Jennifer Hudson, Macy Gray, Donnie Osmond, Roberta Flack, etc….my mouth fell open! This Vancouver-born singer/songwriter has CLEARLY made her mark within the music industry and across the globe. And I must say, she has earned a new fan/supporter….ME! *jumping up & down* 
honey2This album showcases Honey’s refreshing soprano vocals and captures her dynamic songwriting & production skills. The first thing that comes to mind when listening to her album is that Honey knows how to “switch lanes” with such poise & persona; she has such a LIVE flavor and SPUNK about her that reaches out and grabs you with each track. “Gimme a Minute” is a hot joint; very unique
Without hesitation, Miss Honey is definitely a triple-threat: an amazing singer, songwriter, & musician. And did I say this album is freakin’ FANTASTIC in everyway. Honey Larochelle is definitely a shining star to keep your eyes on.

Cam’s Favorites: Gimme a Minute, Spontaneous, Sugar Daddy, Keep My Cool, LaLaLove

Tracy Cruz Universoul Symphony

tracycruz1Dee~va: So I’m hanging out in the Neosoul Cafe Group on Facebook minding my own business… and Tracy Cruz posts a video called Love’s Galaxy…. I pressed play…and was plesantly suprised…. Tracy Cruz is the truth. Her awesome Alto voice soothes the soul with fanciful melodies of love. This soundscape begins with “Soundnation, an instrumental , a muiscal clashing of sounds that a mesh together to form an atosphere for a voyage to a land far far away where Tracy Cruz is the ruler. It has a classical felling, however this is a symphony. My test for a CD is if I can listen to it with out skipping around, then it’s a definite keeper. Tracy Cruz passes this test with flying colors. My jam is Love’s Galaxy. It has the traditional neo soul vibe. I love so many tracks on this CD I want to list them all but Definite stand outs for me are, Let’s go back, which features Tracy’s husband, producer, emcee Allen Ross, Dream Flight, and the interludes Peace of Soul 1 & 2 are so dope. Ok Back to the list… “Happy,” “Joyful Rain” and last but not least “Flowers and Candy”. I didn’t have the opportunity to hear her 1st CD Feelosophy, please rest assured I made it my business to find it. I can’t wait to hear more from this neo soul Diva. I grooved to CD and reccommend it for rotation.!!!

Cam:There are so many wonderful indie artists that are known, and some kind of stay under the radar. That’s what I would say about Tracy Cruz. This singer/songwriter has a soulful sound with a “twist” that’s special and dynamic. With her taking vocal lessons from soul diva Ledisi, I mean, what do you expect?  While Tracy is still developing & refining herself as a singer, her sophomore album, “Universoul Symphony”, showcases her growth and confidence
Getting to the review. “Soundnation – Prelude” intro which transitions into the first solid track “Mind Travel”, where Tracy alto vocals makes its amazing appearance; not to mention the background vocals & instrumentation give this song an even stronger foundation. One of my favs, “Let’s Go Back” gives more of a funk/soul vibe…especially with Allen Ross coming in spitting a few bars. “Let’s go back to the way that we were, the day we fell in love…” Yes, I love this one. (snapping my fingers, doing my two-step). I am very impressed. This album encompasses the elements of soul, R&B, jazz, and a bit of hip-hop; displaying her creativity and uniqueness.

Chapter V Underrated Syleena Johnson

Dee ~va: Its funny how things happen, Before I even knew I was reviewing this CD, I had a conversation with a friend about Syleena Johnson, She made the statement that She is a great singer butI think she would really blow up if she had the right producers backing her… syleena johnson2< I will be sure to buy a copy of this CD for my friend. Grammy nominated soul songstress, Syleena Johnson is back…and she is ready to continue her legacy of creating grown folks music with her new CD Chapter V Underrated. Syleena shows everybody that she is ready to shake up the game. This is not your typical Syleena Johnson CD. She is vying for the title of the Queen of R & B and ready to show these youngsters what she’s got. There is a little bit of everything on this CD. Although this is grown folks music, Syleena is not catering to the neo-soul crowd. He can git he can git he can git if he’s a boss….the lead single from this CD is hot, with an even hotter video. Stand outs for me are “Angry Girl,” “My Shoes,” “Like Thorns”
Cam:And in this corner……we have Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter, model & actress Syleena Johnson….coming at us with a one “hitter quitter”, her debut album titled “Chapter V: Underrated”, set to release on 9.27.11. After being on a hiatus for a while, this soulful diva ain’t playing….she’s coming back STRONGLY….showing everyone that she’s about to take over, and this album proves she hasn’t lost it. She’s not holding back on this project with an even more ROBUST sound and look….she’s FIERCE! syleena Johnson
Syleena has always been top-notch in the game, but her working with new producers, Toxic Productions (Monica, Keyshia Cole, & Twista) is giving her an edge that wasn’t present before.
When I heard the first single from this album “A Boss”, I thought to myself “Alright now Syleena, get it girl!”. Smart move making this the first released single, because this one definitely earns a spot on the party playlists and will be kept in heavy rotation in all clubs/lounges. I actually played this one TWICE because I had to get up and dance on the first spin. 😉 Syleena keeps the party going with “Fade Away”….this is a funky joint; loving the pop vibe of this track; and the sassiness behind her vocals is infectious. Now she slows it down a bit with “Angry Girl”, partnering with the songstress Tweet; singing their plea on how the bitterness that other women harbor from past pains not only block their own happiness, but makes it harder for those that ARE indeed ready for love. I love the hook…”…Angry girl…you know you’re breaking my heart…because you’re making it so hard…for women like me to find prince charming….”. Another favorite of mines is the ballad “My Shoes”, which seems to be a sequel to “Another Relationship” from her “Chapter 3: The Flesh” album. This time she’s challenging her lover to put himself in her shoes….”What would you do if the shoe was on the other foot baby? What if it’s me that walks all over you? What if it’s me that raised my hand to you? Could you wear my shoes?”…..and shows strength & self-love by ending the song singing “I think it’s time to buy some new shoes”…. Very profound joinThis is entire album is amazing; from her ballads, up & mid tempo joints, she’s coming full force undoubtedly. Syleena has a way of putting so much heart in every verse she sings. Additionally, Syleena is having a good time with this album. She’s giving us a variety of different kinds of music – like pop, soul, some hip hop, & a taste of slow R&B joints….without going too far in the spectrum. Trust me, she won’t be considered as “underrated” for much longer. Get this album. 
Cam’s Favorites: Angry Girl, Like Thorns, My Shoes, Stonewall

Syleena Johnson presents Underrated Uncut Live from CRC Recording Studios in Chicago with special guest Tweet. A special virtual album release peformance premiering her NEW album “Chapter V: Underrated” The album features Tweet, Malone, Na’Tee, and AK (of Do or Die). You can sign up for $5.00 and tune in on September 27, 2011 at 8 pm central/9 pm eastern to watch Syleena give a uniquely organic and ground-breaking album premiere for fans around the world. @syleena_johnson
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