We Are Leif Debut

We Are Leif Debut

¬†Sharing a with our true lovers & supporters of independent/neo soul music. There’s a band called “We Are Leif” that’s about to drop their debut album within the next 24 hours – the group is composed of 4 musicians hailing from Bath and Bistol. Louise Victoria whose been compared to Jill Scott Gretchen Parlato and Mark Whitlam, Chris Jones and Dale Hambridge.They are sharing yet another expression of love, passion & positive energy that has drawn us all to our affinity for neo soul music in the first place!”

We ask that ALL of our NSC members consider taking at least a brief moment out of your day today to simply give this group a CHANCE to be heard by you & others by sampling the video to their first single, “Imperfect” (YT video link can be found in the link within this post).

We need our true lovers of indie soul music & of the integrity of Neo Soul Cafe to PLEASE become more expressive in your collective support of our platform. It has become a fight on a daily basis to uphold our ground as a music haven where NEO listeners can get away from the same music that gets posted on HUNDREDS of other music social media platforms – with little or no help needed from ours &/or doesn’t even BELONG being posted here in the first place.

As admins, we can only do do much to keep the spirit & core standards of Neo Soul Cafe to remain as something that we ALL respect, VALUE & proactively STAND UP for. We try our best to take PRIDE in the fact that we’re part of a seasoned group of music lovers yearning for more, that does NOT simply disregard someone’s music – based off of their appearance or merely based off of familiarity, for there was no artist on this EARTH that you love today that you weren’t first introduced at a time that you didn’t know of them.¬† As always…SUPPORT THE ARTISTS.

  • (“Breathe” – the debit album by UK indie soul band, “We Are Leif”, officially dropping Sept. 9th, 2018. It is already available for pre-order via BandCamp & most other online music purchase outlets of your choosing. New music – NEW artistry, let’s keep giving THEM the spotlight and support that THEY’RE truly deserving of.
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