TashaLarae offers a little Light

TashaLarae offers a little Light

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You’ve seen her in action as a member of the two time Grammy Award Winning group Arrested Development. She’s also worked in the past with DJ Kemit. Now Tasha Larae has stepped away from the vibe to offer up a little light of her own. Fresh off tour, this Soulful Songbird, Singer,Songwriter’s latest musical release, Light features a unique blend of soul, house and R&B music with lyrics that echo real life situations of love, loss, and living the human experience.

Light EP Light Track List:

1. Breathe
2. Before You Lose
3. Run Around
4. Prisoner Of My Idle Mind
5. Spin Cycle
6. Light




With out further adieu lets not delay the inevitable lets get into this gem.  There are several short but catchy tunes.  I found my self putting tracks on repeat.  I love projects I can put on and jam from start to finish. You Can Definitely do this with Light

Opening up with a great house track.  The air I breathe you buy.

Uh Uh love what i’m hearing lush track dope vocals Before you lose warniing don’t play games with my heart or it will end before it starts…..needlessdless to say it  was jammin’ Before You Lose caught me off guard I must admit t it’s kind of how Ledisi snuck that last hit High in on us.  I Oh yes maam Ms Tasha was like instantly annimated in telling her story….. Tasha Laraer taps  into the future soul trappinesss of it all so eloquently that she had me thinking I could sing.  The song is very catchy. The guitar on this joint yes to it all.

My Jam is Run Around…this song should appeal to mean and women everywhere.   Simply stop playing with my emotions and trying to run game Stop giving me the Run Around

Prisoner of My Idle Mind   as kids we always heard an idle mind is the devil’s workshop.  I like this song.  Tasha Larae perfectly and skillfully plays with the idea of bordeom.  My mother always told me.The world keeps spinning whether you’re in it or not

Spin Cycle is that healing jam  after you;ve been hurt so bad and you just want it all to go away ……..with lyrics that capture jut how you feel Tasha fluidly helps to clense your heart ake Lightnd mind and tke you to a place that feels better.

The last track Light,with it’s international appeal, is a Dance record that should have people on the floor. The light that shines in you your spirit your aura your vibe is your light. You give off this light daily…I was wanting to mix thsis with George Clint every body’s git a little light under the sun needless to say I was jammin’

Tashalarae fused movtivating lyrics and feel good melodies to ma