Raheem Devaughn and Wes Felton Join Forces

Raheem Devaughn and Wes Felton Join Forces

Realizing that the forces pulling you together are stronger than those pulling you apart is hard to do for most artists and musicians. Not so for W. Ellington Felton and Raheem Devaughn, the duo esoterically known as “The Crossrhodes”. Without a doubt, The Crossrhodes embodies a special chemistry that elevates beyond their individual solo performances.

The release of “The Invitation” in 2004, remains one of the most influential records in underground hip hop and R&B circles – featuring vividly rendered storytelling and intrinsically soulful vocals about socio-political issues with dimensions about love without the self pity. Audiences were able to experience nostalgic emotions over elements of jazz, soul, rock, and gospel, and the duo’s influence ushered in new demographic potential for R&B and soul music.

Due to the ascension of their careers as individual performers, the duo parted ways to focus on solo projects. Fortunately, their core audience embraced their respective uniqueness and new fans emerged. Mainly because the duo has long embraced a cult following, who revel in the enigmatic anticipation of the release of duo’s new album entitled, “Footprints on the Moon”. Fans are inclusive in the album process; building armies and sharing links from various social platforms, like random local pop up shows live-streamed on periscope and pop up “live” shows in various U.S. Cities .

In order to know where we are going with The Crossrhodes we must know where they came from. This is a special mix of songs from their vaults. Enjoy!

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The CrossRhodes
(Rah + Wes)