Live at I’klɛktɪk Art Lab) Jordan Rakei

Live at I’klɛktɪk Art Lab) Jordan Rakei

A live performance is what many musicheads live for. Going to live shows gives you a rush like no other thing you have experienced in life. Getting to meet the artist that you have come to know and love through music often solidifies the bond and makes you a fan for life.

Singer|Songwriter Jordan Rakei is gaining fans and it’s our hope that we can have a timeless relationship with the man and his music. Rakei has made a series of videos performing songs from his latest project Cloak. The live performances were shot at I’klɛktɪk Art Lab).

Jordan Rakei’s train is gaining momentum and it’s full speed ahead for the soulful crooner. Check out the live performances below and pick up the latest by Jordan Rakei Cloak Enjoy!

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