Solange is Winning With A Seat At The Table

Solange is Winning With A Seat At The Table

A Seat At The Table, Beginning Stages is a look at the early days of jam sessions, experimentation, and the exploring of sounds and ideas for the album.

While some of the jam sessions featured did not make the album, they helped to create and identify the sonic tone, and the early lyrics and concepts I wrote for the project.

This video is broken up into 3 different parts. The first and second parts happened in Long Island and New Orleans where I first started to jam and collaborate on ideas with the incredible artists and musicians featured (as well as some other incredible artist and musicians who are not shown here). A lot of these days would just start with me singing a melody or someone playing a synth part or bass line, and would transition into an hour long jam.

The third part is me taking all of these jams to New Iberia, LA with just my engineers and creating the actual song structures, building the sounds, and writing the lyrics and melodies.

I later took these songs to Los Angeles to work with Raphael Saadiq to help amplify the production, as well as record the vocals alongside Troy Johnson. When I look back at the beginning stages, I remember the powerful energy that set the tone, and that I’m so grateful followed us everywhere during the creation of this record.”

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Bobby Earth – PROGRESSION (Full EP)

We first heard about the MilkyWayv Camp several years ago during the Texas leg of The Internet’s tour. Needless to say the collective fell upon the Neo Soul Cafe’s radar.

Since then the Houston based Collective has released numerous projects. This time it’s Recording artist, producer, and CEO of Milky Wayv (@milkywayv) Bobby Earth who is back with a new EP to split your wig.

Simple chords/beats/experimental sounds and production all mesh together to form an EP of dopeness. Stream the album here first…then run on over to BandCamp and cop the EP for yourself.

All beats produced by Bobby Earth

1. The Corner (feat. Choice & Tarron Overshown)
Song written by Bobby Earth
Guitar by Chris “Choice” Sommers
Drums by Tarron Overshown

2. Cerberus
Song written by Eros

3. Airplane Mode (feat. Kintaro)
Song (except rap) written by Bobby Earth
Rap by Jameel “Kintaro” Bruner of The Internet

4. Can You Feel It Too
Song written by Bobby Earth
Additional background vocals by Brandon Willis
Additional keyboards by Brandon Willis
Bass by Daniel Ward
Guitar by Chris “Choice” Sommers

5. Sheet Music (feat. Brice Blanco)
Song (except rap) written by Bobby Earth
Rap by Brice Blanco

6. Denton
Song written by Bobby Earth

7. Space Trip
Song written by Bobby Earth

Artwork credits:
Photo by M4RZ
Text illustrated by Bobby Earth
Art direction by M4RZ & Bobby Earth

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I,Ced What Are We Looking For? The Album

I,Ced’s What We’re Looking For is a nice departure from His Soulful debut All In My Mind….Beautiful Music great instrumentation growth from one project to the next…what more can a fan ask for…

What I did notice about this project is there are more sing alongs and We loveit!

I.Ced dabbles with some revolutionary soul, some retro soul and some futuristic soul. Take the trip with I,Ced. He does not miss

You can put this on and let it roll…no skipping…maybe hitting repeat a couple three times….Selektah rewind! But please rest assured you will not find any of the garbage new music, mumble rap, trap trash on this CD….just straight up music…. Music that will escort us into the future of soui music.

Grab the CD for yourself…Enjoy!

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