Zo!, Carmen Rodgers, and Sy Smith Show Us Some California Love

Zo!, Carmen Rodgers, and Sy Smith Show Us Some California Love

Neo Soul Cafe is blessed and honored to share with you a video/short film (Directed by Shawn Carter Peterson) that showcases a few of our favorite artists, Zo! Sy Smith and Carmen Rodgers rocking out to their individual songs as a collective.

“California Love – A Triptych” – Zo!, Carmen Rodgers, Sy Smith
Director: Shawn Carter Peterson

In the spring of 2015, Zo!, Carmen Rodgers and Sy Smith came together as an underground soul power trio, playing live shows on the west coast for a stint they called the “California Love Tour”. Director Shawn Carter Peterson filmed the Los Angeles performance and created a beautiful long play video/short film, capturing the trio’s musical mastery and camaraderie in this presentation of three captivating singles from the show. Sy playfully flaunts her quick-paced scatting chops on “Personal Paradise”, Carmen drips with honey-coated cooing on “It’s Me”, and Zo! shows off his piano virtuosity with “Flight Of The Blackbyrd”. The acoustic set exhibits a beautiful simplicity of instrumentation; just piano (Zo!), upright bass (Maurice Ellis) and drums (Stacey Lamont Sydnor) which makes plenty of sonic room to experience the tunes stripped all the way down. And just like the human form, these tunes are even better naked. Check out the video below …. Enjoy!

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Ahmed Sirour Celebrates His Birthday With Gifts For You

Ahmed Sirour Celebrates His Birthday With Gifts For You

It’s my B’Earthday but here’s a gift for you…

I’m keeping this one short and sweet *hears readers applaud*. Today marks another 365 that I’ve made it around the sun, and to celebrate my personal New Year’s Day, I have decided, for the next 22 hours (from February 22nd at 2:22am EST until February 23rd at 12:22am EST…that’s New York time) to share my gift of music to you, ALL of it…and you name your price for it!

Yes, every project on my Bandcamp page, whether you want it all or just a few projects, you decide what you feel its worth to donate for it. Even if you have some or all of it already, if you simply want to pay-it-forward and give to someone else as a gift, that would be cool…the gift of music is what got me helped me become who I am and why any of you even know of me in the first place.

I’m very grateful to be here yet another year, as tomorrow is never promised (let alone seeing another b’earthday) and in this crazy world where nothing is certain, it’s good to appreciate each day (and certainly each additional candle you get to add to your cake). It’s a blessing and so I just share this blessing with you as well. Okay, enough of the dramatic violins…go ahead and get to the soulful grooves (you’ve got 22 hours)…

The B’Earthday Boy

Ahmed’s Bandcamp page

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