Chloe Leone

Chloe Leone

It’s no doubt that in recent years numerous artists from the UK have been producing mad fire when it comes to music. Well let’s add to the likes of them Birmingham-born, now London based singer/songwriter Chloé Leone.

Chloe Leone released her debut EP Domesticated in 2016. “Domesticated is a collection of heartbreaks and mistakes.

“Drunk nights with my best friend and fights with my ex, mostly written on the train between Birmingham and the studio in London or with a hang over. A bit of a drama queen with a sense of humor. That’s me!”

Leone sites being influenced by music she heard her parents play at home. She was heavily influenced by the likes of groups like the Spice Girls to Minnie Ripperton, Erykah Badu, Amy Winehouse and The Isley Brothers and the dopest rap group….A Tribe Called Quest. We are looking forward to hearing more from this soulful songstress
Check out her latest single Comfortably Me…… and the Chores Video from her EP Domesticated.  Enjoy!

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We are so excited for the return of The Soulfully Sultry Songstress Goapele….

She has released the first track from her latest project and is teasing fans with a new video.

The tribal beat driven track entitled Power brings Goapele back with lyrics that speak to the heart…. speak to being woke, to love of self and the world.


The track Power will be featured on her upcoming EP, Dreamseeker, a follow up to her 2014 album, Strong As Glass.

Goapele has also released a video teasing fans of what is to come.

Below is the traklist for Dreamseeker and the video for the Dreamseeker Intro. Also check out her single Power and get ready to support when the album drops… Enjoy!

1. Dreamseeker Intro – Produced by Mike Tiger
2. Secret – Produced by CrakWav
3. As Bright As the Sun Interlude – Produced by Mike Tiger
4. Power – Produced by Cornelio Austin
5. Take It Over – Produced by Nate Hendrix
6. Giving Me Life Interlude – Produced by Mike Tiger
7. Stay feat. BJ the Chicago Kid – Produced by Cornelio Austin
8. Full Circle Interlude – Mike Tiger
9. Stand – Produced by Bedrock
10. Cool Breeze – Produced by Goapele

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Erykah Badu vs Everythang

Erykah Badu vs Everythang

The mother of Neo Soul, Erykah Badu, has announced a Summer Tour. Badu is coming to a City near you. What can you expect from Muva Badu? Nothing but dopeness. Even the tour name has fans hyped and ready to spend their coins on the magic ticket to see the++ Erykah Badu Vs Everythang World Tour 2017 A.D.

She is Starting her tour in Birmingham, Alabama.  and ending in Japan! The Tour runs through the fall.  Check to see if her Royal Highness is gracing your city with her presence and don’t miss the show.  Check out the clip from Ms Badu’s Birthday Jam this year at the Bomb factory in Dallas Texas.  Enjoy!



Tour Dates

05-06 Birmingham, AL – Birmingham Funk Fest
05-19 Atlanta, GA – Atlanta Funk Fest
05-27 Houston, TX – Houston Arena Theater
05-28 New Orleans, LA – Lakefront Arena
07-06-07 London, England – Hammerstein Theater
07-08 Paris, France – Palais Des Sports
07-09 Rotterdam, Netherlands – North Sea Jazz Fest
07-11 Montreux, Switzerland – Montreux Jazz Fest
07-12 Tuscany, Italy – Lucca Summer Fest
07-14 Copenhagen, Denmark – Tivoli Gardens
07-15 Pori, Finland – Pori Jazz Festival
07-20 Las Vegas, NV – Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas
07-22 Los Angeles, CA – Exposition Park
08-10 Philadelphia, PA – TBA
08-12 Charlotte, NC – Charlotte Funk Fest
08-13 Richmond, VA – TBA
09-01 Dallas, TX- Riverfront Jazz Fest
09-15 Newark, NJ – TBA
09-16 Queens, NY – The Meadows Music & Arts Fest
09-22-23 Chicago, IL – Midwives Conference
10-01-03-06-12 Tokyo, Japan – Billboard Live
10-07 Tokyo, Japan – Tokyo Soul Camp Fest
10-09-10 Osaka, Japan – Billboard Live

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