Space Captain Gives Fans A Taste Of Their New Music

Space Captain Gives Fans A Taste Of Their New Music

The “Sycamore” single brings an eagerly awaited taste of new music from Space Captain and an upfront glimpse of their first full album. On this fresh new material the young Brooklyn band channel seemingly disparate genres including R&B, indie, psych rock and jazz into a stirring, progressive proposition laced with stealthily addictive hooks.
“Sycamore” tells a lyrical, folk-flavoured tale of complicated love, the lilting voice of singer and songwriter Maralisa Simmons-Cook melding with heavily effected guitars and synths alongside live and digital beats and brass flourishes. “The story is based on a tumultuous love triangle my dad was thrown into post-college”, she explains; “He told me this story one summer, behind a bar in Brooklyn called Sycamore. It’s a tale of love and betrayal, about trying to win back a lover, and the issues that arose between three best friends”. Order The single now!

Sycamore by Space Captain

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Ledisi releases Add To Me

Ledisi releases Add To Me

Ledisi has released another dope track from her project Let Love Rule due out 9.22.17  Telling these brothers basically i’m going to need for you to have your stuff together.  you got to to come with it.  Ain’t no half stepping allowed.

“I was thinking about relationships,” Ledisi states. “To men, women shouldue out 9.22.17.  d act like, ‘We’re independent and self-sufficient. We’re going to make it happen with or without you. So, If you’re going to be here, add to my situation. I know I’m going to add to yours.’” She adds, “Anyone that you are with the question should be how are they going to add to you? Most women want a great man that enhances who we are.”

i’d like to say this is the 2017 version of Jocelyn Brown’s Ain’t Nothing Going On But The Rent. Where she flat out told the brothers listen you gotta have a J.O.B. if you wanna be with me….. Ledisi is essentially about that life.   Give Add to Me A Spin.  It’s A definite women’s anthem. Don’t forget to Preorder the album.   Enjoy!







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Over the summer Jordan Rakei has pleasantly teased fans with music  from his pending CD Wall Flower that is due out 9.22.17.  Earlier he released Sorceress.  The latest song release is entitled Nerve.  You can check it out first here.

When I was writing ’Nerve’, I was really focusing on maintaining a traditional song structure but I wanted to layer it up loads to try to create a wall of sound effect. I love strings so much, so I’m glad that they made it onto the track. As for the guitar, that would be the great input from The Invisible’s frontman and guitarist Dave Okumu who is an absolute beast… I’m very humbled to have him be a part of this tune!”

‘Wallflower’ tracklisting:

1. Eye To Eye
2. May
3. Sorceress
4. Nerve
5. Goodbyes
6. Clues Blues
7. Chemical Coincidence
8. Carnation
9. Lucid
10. Hiding Place
11. Wallflower (feat. Kaya Thomas-Dyke)


Jordan rakei will be on tour to support his new album and will make his way to the us.  hopefully you can see him in a city near you.

Tour Dates


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New Single From Lalah Hathaway

New Single From Lalah Hathaway

We are used to hearing Lalah Hathaway’s lush sultry vocals over laid back tracks this time the songstress is flowing over as track reminiscent of r&b when it was in it’s Hey Day!. The single entitled I Can’t Wait, is the first offering from her forthcoming album, ‘Honestly due out this fall

The new album is Hathaway’s first project with distribution partner, Caroline, which is focused on providing artist development to a variety of independent musicians. As a committed advocate of quality music and musicianship, Hathaway recognized a common interest with Caroline, ultimately joining forces to develop her own imprint, Hathaway Entertainment.(This is Rnb)

“I’m so excited about partnering with Caroline to explore this part of my business,” Hathaway shared. “The music is a given, now I’m looking forward to the entrepreneurial side of my music experience and presenting new music and new artists to the world.”

Lalah Hathaway will be supporting Mary J. Blige on the “Strength of a Woman Tour,” starting July 30. She will also headline her own show in Memphis, TN on August 8.


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