NSC Spotlight Artist: Sy Smith

NSC Spotlight Artist: Sy Smith
by Darrien Devaughn

Once you hear Sy Smith’s voice, you will automatically rewind the song she is performing just to hear the different octaves she belts out. Born Syneth Olivia Smith in New York City, NY, Sy has been a key figure in the “Indie Soul Movement”. Graduating from Howard University with a minor in music, Sy moved out to Los Angeles to pursue her career in music and acting. Not only has she released 4 albums and 20 singles but she also had a stint on the hit show Ally McBeal. In 2000, she released the album PSYKOSOUL with The SYBERSPACE SOCIAL(2005), CONFLICT(2008) and FAST AND CURIOUS (2012) to follow, mostly under her own label, Psyko Inc. Some of her most notable songs are FLY AWAY WITH ME, AQUARIUS RISING, AIN’T NOBODY’S BIZNESS and FA SHO. She has also won countless Soultracks Awards and written for many other artists. Now, how I and many of us discovered her was through the group, The Foreign Exchange, as she has laced some of the most classic songs with her legendary voice. BODY ROCK and THE TRAIN, both on the Zo! ManMade album, are two of my favorites. Sy Smith is a treasure, a beautiful spirit and a legend in the music industry.

Find Her:
Website: Sy Smith
Twitter: @Syberspace
Facebook: Sy Smith Music
Instagram: @Syberspace
YouTube: Sy Smith
Bandcamp: Sy Smith
SoundCloud: Syberspace