NSC Spotlight Artist: RC & The Gritz

NSC Spotlight Artist: RC & The Gritz


NSC Spotlight Artist: RC & The Gritz
by Darrien DeVaughn

When I asked RC Williams what his new project with the Gritz was about, he simply responded and said “Trying to give the world a record that feels good. That’s actually the name of the new album…The Feel.” To really know the Grammy nominated producer/songwriter, you have to be blown away by his natural talent for making music. His band (whose known by some as Erykah Badu’s band), The Gritz, are a gift fully set of musicians that has traveled together all over the world and brought venues to their feet with their eclectic style of play. The Dallas based group includes Cleon Edwards, TaRon Lockett, Braylon Lacey, Jah Bom and Ms. Claudia Melton, whose voice can either silence a room or bring it to life with here vocals. Their first album PAY YOUR TAB was released in 2013 with groovy songs such as Hush, Summer Boo and the Erykah Badu laced track, Leave Me Alone. If they aren’t doing weekly sets here in my hometown, they are in the studio ready to send the masses into musical hypnosis with their new project coming out soon. Pay close attention to RC & The Gritz because soon you will be investing in yet another timeless album.

Find Them:
Website: RC & The Gritz
Facebook: The Gritz Band
Instagram: @rcandthegritz
YouTube: RC & The Gritz