NSC Spotlight Artist: Masego

NSC Spotlight Artist: Masego


NSC Spotlight Artist: Masego
by Darrien DeVaughn

When you first get a glance at Masego, born Micah Davis in Kingston, Jamaica, he kinda looks like Shock G from Digital Underground. Similarities don’t stop there though, as talented as Shock was Masego may be equally as talented. The 23 year old saxophonist credits his friend David Conelly with giving him the genre he describes his music as. TRAP HOUSE JAZZ is a blend of hip hop, jazz and house influenced beats. Growing up in Virginia, Masego listened to Gospel, Big Band and Jazz and while people have compared him to Jaimie Foxx and Cab Calloway, he was more of a Kirk Franklin fan than anything. “I didn’t know what all the fuss was about so I finally listened to an OutKast record and was still not blown away with rap.” After his junior year he grew more and more in tune to hip hop and wanted to try to infuse his saxophone over beats. Working with Dallas based producer Medasin, they released PINK POLO EP in July of 2015 with the single GIRLS THAT DANCE. Some more noticeable tracks are BOUNCE, I DO EVERYTHING and my favorite SEND YO RITA. He was also featured on Tall Black Guys joint PEACE AND LOVE with Rommel Doval. Masego has also released the 2016 mixtape LOOSE THOUGHTS and currently working on 3 albums simultaneously. He is launching a social networking app called Network by Masego. With music for rooftop parties and mixed crowds Masego said his musical goal is to innovate and inspire. “I don’t like stagnant. I don’t like doing the same thing we’re used to. I like how hip hop is shocking and fun. Shocking and fun is what you can expect when you are jamming to a Masego track. I am sure you will be quite entertained. New fan here.

Find Him:
Website: Masego Music
Twitter: @UncleSego
Facebook: UncleSego
Instagram: @UncleSego
Bandcamp: Uncle Sego
SoundCloud: Masego Music
YouTube: Masego Music