NSC Spotlight Artist: Ideeyah

NSC Spotlight Artist: Ideeyah

NSC Spotlight Artist: Ideeyah
by Darrien DeVaughn

My hopes are that I have some new experiences that will provoke different stories”… explains singer/songwriter Ideeyah Johnson who’s debut album, BRAVE, was released on her birthday June 25th of this year on the indie label EVRY MUSIC. The Detroit native who is also known as the sultry voice behind Collective Peace, released BRAVE to be an album for all of the brave women of yesterday and today. It’s a collection of soul, electronica, jazz and rock. It fits her perfectly as she was influenced by artists like Erykah Badu, Joi and Zap Mamma as each track summons her inner star ready to shine bright for her following. PROMISE ME is a funky song featuring Danni Cassette. BAIT will definitely have you bobbing your head. The title track BRAVE is smooth and it really suits her style and my favorite JUST WANNA LUV YA has her opening line uttering ” I can be a hundred pounds of crazy/and a half a lunatic if you make me.” This isn’t a Collective Peace album as it is Ideeyah’s coming out party to show the world she is ready to release her potential and make rock/soul music fans recognize and really get behind her gift.

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