NSC Spotlight Artist: Gwen Bunn

NSC Spotlight Artist: Gwen Bunn


NSC Spotlight Artist: Gwen Bunn
by Darrien DeVaughn

5’1″,115 pound Gwen Bunn will always make you smile with not only her stature but her voice also. The 21 year old Decatur, GA native is not only an artist but a producer and a songwriter as well. When she isn’t in the studio doing duets with The Foreign Exchange “Can’t Turn Around ” on the Love in Flying Colors album or Zo!’s “Count to Five” on his Man Made album, she is producing. Doing tracks like “Collard Greens” for Schoolboy Q featuring Kendrick Lamar. The self taught pianist was also the winner of 106 & Parks Wild out Wednesday talent showcase in 2012. So young in the game and yet so talented she seems like she has been a mainstay for years but she has one LP to her credit. In 2009 she released “The Verdict” which brought us the masterpiece “Let Me”. I’m sure some of you recognize the single “Epitome”, in which I have seen posted numerous times in the NeoSoul Facebook group. She has worked on a self released EP called “Melody Dungeon” where she leaked the song “Death of Me” on her fan page in 2013. Her sound has been described as music of comfort, reflection, relaxing and meditative. Hoping to hear more from her soon NeoSoul’s little sister is sure to grasp a hold of the music scene and we are patiently waiting.

Find Her:
Twitter: @gwenbunn
Facebook: Gwen Bunn
Instagram: @gwenbunn
Bandcamp: Gwen Bunn
Soundcloud: Gwen Bunn
YouTube: Gwen Bunn