NSC Spotlight Artist: DVSN

NSC Spotlight Artist: DVSN


NSC Spotlight Artist: DVSN
by Darrien DeVaughn

OVO Sounds founder is this young actor turned music mogul guy by the name of Drake and if you can get signed by him then you really must be doing something right. Vocalist Daniel Daley and producer Nineteenth85 make up the Canadian RnB group DVSN(pronounced division). After getting their demo played for Drake, they finally released their debut album “Sept.5th” in April of 2016. Beforehand they released THE LINE, WITH ME and HALLUCINATIONS on Drakes itunes station. But it was the cult classic smooth groove, chior laced TOO DEEP that put them on the map. This year the duo blessed a track on Drake’s album VIEWS called FAITHFUL. You can also catch them opening up on the Summer Sixteen tour for Drake and Future.

Find Them:
Facebook: DVSN
Twitter: @dvsndvsn
Instagram: @dvsndvsn
SoundCloud: DVSNDVSN
YouTube: DVSN