NSC Spotlight Artist: DJ Frances Jaye

NSC Spotlight Artist: DJ Frances Jaye


NSC Spotlight Artist: DJ Frances Jaye
by Darrien DeVaughn

She is an inspiration, she is a musical savant, she is a national treasure and a legend. Ladies and gentlemen, in honor of her birthday this past week, I give you Neo Soul Cafe’s own, Ms. Frances Jaye. From her hometown of Edinburgh, United Kingdom to Fairfield, CA to Atlanta, GA to Dallas, TX; Ms. Frances (that’s what I call her) has had the luxury of inviting different cultures into her life to shape her into the beautiful spirit that she is today. After graduating from C.L. Harper High School, she enrolled in the United States Air Force where she found the talent to make mixtapes in her barracks, at age 17, and gave them away so her colleagues could enjoy! She has always had an ear for music and discovered her passion for DJing at a young age. I remember drives home from school listening to her on the radio. Her voice and the artists she engaged my ears in is a reason why I, to this day, have a certain taste for good soulful quality music. She only stayed on the air for a little while because she couldn’t really play the music that she truly enjoyed. She even said once, in an interview with SOULTRAIN, that “She just found radio unfulfilling.” She then did a one hour TV show before she made a big leap and created Neo Soul Cafe, a podcast that had artists from Dwele to Erykah Badu to Anthony David being played. The podcast grew into your favorite app and the huge following she now has on Twitter, SoundCloud and Facebook. Her Prescribed Groove Series is a must listen and to know her brings a certain joy to people who have met her. I remember getting out one afternoon where she had a gig and she didn’t know me from Adam but she played a Dwele song for me. As a result, we talked for a while and she told me to follow her on Facebook because she always has gigs around the Dallas area. So I did. I even remember seeing her at church at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship and I was just blown away by her spirit then. If there was an artist that I wanted to get into, I would go through her to find the music they would put out because she knows all. It is an honor to write this and a privilege because I am sure Ms. Frances has changed some of your outlooks on music as well. Happy Birthday!!! We love you so much Ms. Frances!!! Wishing you much peace and love. We thank you for being a pillar in the music community and we will continue to support you as you play THE MUSIC THAT GETS YOUR HEAD RIGHT.

Find Her…
Twitter: @djfrancesjaye
Twitter: @NeoSoulCafe
Facebook: Frances Jaye
Facebook: Neo Soul Cafe
SoundCloud: DJ Frances Jaye
Instagram: @neosoulcafemusic
Instagram: @djfrancesjaye
Bandcamp: DJ Frances Jaye
MixCloud: DJFrancesJaye