NSC Spotlight Artist: Collective Peace

NSC Spotlight Artist: Collective Peace


NSC Spotlight Artist: Collective Peace
by Darrien DeVaughn

The Detroit music scene has always given us music to vibe to in the past decade or so. To say that COLLECTIVE PEACE won’t be next in line to please us with their smooth jazz soul sound would be an understatement. In late February of this year, members Saxappeal, Ideeyah, Kristopher Jahi, Tony G, KetchPhrase, Kamau and Marcus Douglas released Introducing Collective Peace and they have been gaining notoriety in the past couple of months. Just imagine the group Incognito with a jazz infused coffee shop Sunday afternoon riding with your fiancĂ© type of sound. Songs like Queen, which would make Charlie Parker proud, Where Have You Been, Soul Bounce and the Dwele laced track Pillow Talk; this band is sure to stay around for a long time. To catch them live would be a bucket list experience one would truly enjoy.

Find Them:
Twitter: @CollectivePeace
Instagram: @CollectivePeace
Facebook: Collective Peace
Soundcloud: Collective Peace
YouTube: Collective Peace