NSC Spotlight Artist: American Foster Child

NSC Spotlight Artist: American Foster Child


NSC Spotlight Artist: American Foster Child
by Darrien DeVaughn

When I say there is a group that Andre 3000 should join and would fit in really well with, you would never think that the group is American Foster Child. Group members Ciara Kai, Raemerie and Steve Murf have combined to make up the soulful psychedelic alternative hip hop trio. Their first EP #letsbeourselvesforawhile, which was originally under the old group name THE SILHOUETTES and featured 4 members, features 5 Jimmy Hendricks type hits. Fire Ball is one that sticks out for me because, ┬álike I said earlier, Andre 3 Stacks would destroy that joint. Their new album FOOD OF THE LIVING DEAD can only be described as “upbeat drive to work in traffic music.” The tracks In the Morning and Jealousy offer a joyful eargasm experience. With inner happy Saturday morning kid like tunes, foot stomping beats and socially charged lyrics, AMERICAN FOSTER CHILD is sure to be a delightful treat for anyone this October.

Find Them:
Twitter: @AFCx3
Facebook: American Foster Child
Instagram: @americanfosterchild
SoundCloud: American Foster Child
Bandcamp: American Foster Child
Snapchat: afc.x3
YouTube: American Foster Child