NSC Spotlight Artist: Ahmed Sirour

NSC Spotlight Artist: Ahmed Sirour


NSC Spotlight Artist: Ahmed Sirour
by Darrien DeVaughn

When I tell you internationally respected and universally gifted Ahmed Sirour has developed a cult following and I just joined…then I will explain to you why you will hop on board as well. The Brooklyn native (what a surprise) artist, composer and producer wears a number of hats but is known for his creative remixes and soulful compositions. Sirour has produced a series of singles and albums blended with diverse talent such as TWICE in which he collaborated with good friend Cleveland P. Jones. In 2012 he released a 12 track LP called THE AFTER 2 AM SESSIONS with features the track WARM RAIN, my favorite on the album. In 2015 he created a poetry inspired project named THIS WOULD BE A LOVE SONG and just last week released a new EP, thEARapy, which is said to be a melodic escape from everyday life. This September he will also give us COLLABORATIONS VOL. 2 which will showcase various artists from France, Europe, Africa and Asia. This dude here is a bad man!

Find Him:
Website: Ahmed Sirour
Facebook: Ahmed Sirour The Music
Twitter: @AhmedistheOne
Instagram: @AhmedSirour
Bandcamp: Ahmed Sirour
Soundcloud: Ahmed Sirour