Mu Mu Fresh Is Back With A Metamorphosis

Maimouna Youssef is back with new music to stimulate your mental… Metamorphosis is an anthem against the negative so to speak. And here at the Neo Soul Cafe that is what we’re all about. Maimouna explains, “This song is for anyone going through a transition or transformation in your life right now. Sometimes it’s a lonely road but you were built for this. You never know how strong you are until being strong is your only option. God got you though, stay the course!” Very inspiring words coming from the soulful songstress. Here are the lyrics to the jam…Press play and sing along run over to band camp and cop the new single for yourself. Enjoy!


They don’t understand your growth
They say you be doing the most
stepping out with them new folks
trying new things that they won’t
going places that they don’t
You are in the middle of becoming more than this, Metamorphosis

you may have to walk alone
remember there’s power in the One
you’re gonna get through this
you’re stronger than you know
but you already knew this

You are in the middle of becoming more than this, Metamorphosis

You cant walk before you crawl
gotta pay dues to be the boss
Life is full of lessons
And you count them as your blessings
Cause you’re learning from them all

birth is always a struggle
that why heaven belongs to mothers
keep peeling through
the old layers of you
imagine what you’ll discover

God is planning something more amazing than you could ever know
Will you show up to the show
will you be available
Goddess Planning something more amazing than you could ever know…””

Living life in the sunlight
pushing out through the sunlight
stepping into the sunlight
rhythm is in the sunlight

Download the single here