Jill Scott Announces New Greeting Card Line

Jill Scott Announces New Greeting Card Line

The multi talented Jill Scott is creating her own Hallmark Mahogany greeting card line.

Jill Scott is following in the foot steps of the late great Maya Angelo. ,

“She was a phenomenal writer,” said Scott, who also shares a birthday with Angelou. “I was proud of that being an Aries sister. I also wanted to create cards I felt represented things a sista would say.”

According to Philip Polk, Hallmark’s VP of Multicultural Strategy,
“Ms. Scott is more than a singer, songwriter and actress – among other things, she is a busy mom and wife, like many Hallmark shoppers who cherish and celebrate the important relationships in their lives, and this card collection is a reflection of that,” he said. “Through this partnership, we were able to combine Mahogany cards’ messages rooted in inspiration, positivity and cultural connection with Jill Scott’s unique, bold and soulful editorial and design vision to create a one-of-a-kind collection.”

“People still like to give cards. There are some traditionalists,” said Scott

“Some things just don’t go out of style,” she said. “Cards are a part of life.”
Select cards are available online and in stores.