Catch NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert ft Nate Smith +Kinfolk ft Amma Whatt

Catch NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert ft Nate Smith +Kinfolk ft Amma Whatt

Have you had an opportunity to catch NPR’s Tinyy Little Desk concert featuring  Nate Smith+Kinfolk ft Amma Whatt.  The quintet performs songs from their 2017 release Postcards From Everywhere.

“In conceiving this project, I wanted to focus on creating the material with very few ingredients; just improvising at the drums or piano or singing ideas into a voice recorder, focusing primarily on rhythm and melody. I want to see what other ingredients the players or singers would bring to the material. I’m interested in a true band sound: I want to know how the musicians will color, shape, and season the raw ingredients, and how to pull all of those pieces together to a whole.” – Nate Smith

Friend to Neo Soul Cafe Songbird Amma Whatt writes and produces vocal arrangements across genres. Amma Whatt,brings her effevessing beautiful spirit to this record. She penned and performed all vocals.


Set List

“Skip Step”
“Rambo: The Vigilante”

Nate Smith (drums); Jaleel Shaw (saxophone); Amma Whatt (vocals); Fima Ephron (bass); Jon Cowherd (keyboard); Jeremy Most (guitar)

You can stream the entire record then go support the artist. You can find their music on BandCamp Enjoy!