Polaroid Z340 Digital Camera

Polaroid Z340 Digital Camera

The Z340 pretty much takes the original Polaroid concept and updates it. It’s a 14MP camera with a 2.7-inch LCD display and an integrated printer that spits out 3×4-inch color prints.

The printer part uses inkless printing technology from Zink Imaging. The special Zink paper has embedded dye crystals with a polymer overcoat for protection. Heat activates the crystals to form the image.

Polaroid has dipped its toes into the instant digital camera waters before. The C-211Z came out in 2000 with a $799 price tag, but sunk into tech oblivion. It didn’t help that it cost $1 per print to use the contraption.

Prices have improved a little. A pack of 30 Zink sheets for the Z340 costs $19.99.

Lady GaGa unveiled a preview of Polaroid’s efforts at CES early this year. She sported somePolaroid shades and showed off the GaGa-inspired GL30 Instant Digital Camera. The GL30 didn’t appear as promised, but we now have the Z340 available instead.

The Z340 is a little on the chunky side, weighing almost 1.5 pounds. It costs $299.99.