Who is Vinx? Most people know him as…One man. One voice. One drum. As you will discover, Vinx is much more. Vinx’s music transcends languages and borders. This is evident from his international touring schedule and cult-like popularity. Vinx has taken the wisdom of his mother to heart. She often told him that “You can’t sing of life unless you live.”

So… the journey starts in 1976, when Vinx attended Kansas State University on a track scholarship. In 1977, hate nearly took away Vinx’s athletic career and his life when racists burned down his house, along with the home of another black family living in his Kansas City suburb. Vinx was severely burnt by the fire. He overcame his injuries and three years later made the world’s second longest leap in the triple jump. This qualified Vinx for the 1980 Moscow Olympics. When President Jimmy Carter called for an Olympic boycott that year, Vinx’s athletic goals were put on hold.

A deejay in college, Vinx also performed with the Kansas State Jazz Band. In 1978, Taj Mahal invited Vinx to perform with him at the Montreaux Jazz Festival in Switzerland. When Vinx’s Olympic dream was deferred, he turned his back on track, but after two years returned as an assistant coach for the women’s track team at the University of Texas. In Texas, Vinx rediscovered his Olympic ambitions and began working toward the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles. After an injury at the trials took him out of the running for the ’84 Olympics, Vinx stayed in Los Angeles and began working as a fitness trainer for the rich and famous. His clients included Stevie Wonder, George Hamilton and Marisa Tomei.

Vinx’s early years in Los Angeles brought him much triumph and tragedy as he transitioned from his athletic past to his musical future. In 1987, Vinx landed his first recording session with Ernie Watts on his Grammy awarded Musican project. Following Tom Jones’ recording of Vinx’s ballad “Touch My Heart,” Vinx toured extensively with the likes of Rickie Lee Jones, The Bus Boys, Teena Marie, Toni Childs and Robben Ford. His commercial agency work included appearances in both Sprite and Levi’s 501 Blues ads.

In 1989, Vinx’s father, Leslie Jackson Parrette Sr. (Vinx’s greatest musical influence) was mugged and murdered during a family vacation in Detroit.

Vinx left the United States for Europe with his all drum band. Vinx and the Barkin’ Feet played to capacity audiences at the Montreaux Jazz Festival, performing after Miles Davis and before Wayne Shorter. Back in the states, Herbie Hancock invited Vinx to perform on his Showtime Coast to Coast TV Special, where Vinx played with Bonnie Raitt, Bruce Hornsby, Lou Reed, B.B. King, Herbie Hancock, Kenny G. and Woody Harrelson.

In 1990, Sting and Miles Copeland signed Vinx to Pangaea/I.R.S. Records. Following Vinx’s performance on Sting’s Soul Cages CD, Vinx recorded his first release (Rooms In My Fatha’s House) for Pangaea. The album featured guest performances from Sheryl Crow, Sting, Herbie Hancock, Taj Mahal, Branford Marsalis, Roscoe Lee Brown and Mother’s Finest. Vinx toured for 13 months with Sting’s “Soul Cages” tour as the solo opening act and the percussionist/ background vocalist. The tour ended with a Carnegie Hall taping of MTV Unplugged with Sting. Vinx’s “While The City Sleeps” was used in the opening dance sequence of the prime time TV show In Living Color.

In 1992, Vinx moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico and released his 2nd CD titled I Love My Job. The album featured Zap Mama, Patrice Rushen and Dan Kuramato. Vinx toured the world jazz festival circuit with great response and returned to the States for an appearance on the Arsenio Hall Show and The Tonight Show with old friend Branford Marsalis. Vinx’s song “There I Go Again” was chosen for the highest rated episode of the hit TV series Northern Exposure. The network received so many calls about the song that it was chosen for an album release of Northern Exposure’s most requested music. In 1993, Vinx released his 3rd CD, The Storyteller, which featured Stevie Wonder, George Howard, Cassandra Wilson and Omar. Vinx toured the world and recorded on Cassandra Wilson’s award winning CD Blue Light Til Dawn.

In 1994, Vinx moved to Boston and started the year with the Stewart Copeland and the Rhythmatists tour. The summer brought Vinx out for a three month tour with the Spin Doctors, Cracker and the Gin Blossoms, an appearance on the Bertice Berry Show, and performances and CO-MC work for all three days of Woodstock’ 94. In 19941995 and 1996, Vinx was invited by Miles Copeland to his 12th Century French castle for a writer’s retreat. Vinx co-wrote at the castle with such notables as Brenda Russell, Cher, Michelle Shocked, Jil Sobule and Patty Smyth. 1995 brought Vinx to Africa for a five week tour of nine countries in West and Central Africa. Vinx and his drum trio were cultural attaches for the U.S. State Department. On his return, Vinx recorded on Stevie Wonder’s Conversation Peace CD.

In 1996, Vinx was inducted into the Kansas State University Athletic Hall of Fame. Vinx released his 4th CD titled Lips Stretched Out. Vinx-the-painter got a rep and held his first gallery showing of his paintings. Vinx headed to Atlanta for his performance at the 1996 Olympiad.

Vinx created an innovative Euro dance project called Jungle Funk which featured ex-Living Colour rhythm section musicians Will Calhoun and Doug Wimbish. 1997 – 1999 brought Vinx and Jungle Funk to over 150 shows throughout Europe and Australia with the release of Jungle Funk’s first limited edition disc; highlighting the early days of the band. Vinx returned to the U.S. for work with the Baltimore based dance guru’s “The Basement Boys” and some recording on Crystal Waters’ track “Mama Told Me.” In 1998, Jungle Funk got signed to the German label, ESC Records (Zebra/Warner Brothers in the U.S.) with a new release, recorded live in Austria. Vinx received a grant from AT&T to work with Washington D.C.’s famed Eastern High School Choir.

In 1999, Vinx traveled to Berlin to record an album with Traumton Records titled Big ‘n’ Round. Vinx relocated back to Los Angeles to co-write with Brenda Russell, Stewart Copeland, and Darius Rucker. Vinx established his own StankFish Recording Studio, Midnight Archer Publishing Co. and a film production company — Dreamsicle Arts & Entertainment. In 2000, Vinx’s recording studio was robbed with a loss of over $100,000 of recording equipment and masters…

2002-2004, Will Downing recorded “Don’t Talk To Me Like That” – written by Vinx and Brenda Russell – on his Sensual Journey (Universal) release. Vinx lent his background vocals to the track, which was chosen as the single and charted on the Urban AC charts.

Vinx and Peermusic Publishing have released a standards record comprised of Hoagy Carmichael ballads and other classic songs written by songwriters on the Peer roster. Vinx has added his eclectic twist to songs like “Stardust”, “Sway”, “Skylark”, “Georgia” and “Up The Lazy River” to name a few.

2004-2006, Vinx continued working with the US State Department as a Cultural Attache’ steering his efforts towards HIV awareness in Mozambique. In between his European tours Vinx produced GROOVE EXOTICA a percussion project that teams him up with Jason Hann (String Cheese Incident and EOTO) and Tony Phillips (Seal,Lion King) and a young artist named Samantha Stephens, she shows great promise. Vinx and Native Vibe recently toured Sierra Leone to raise funds for the Ballanta Music School in Freetown. This school was destroyed from the countries brutal cival war. Vinx traveled to Accra, Ghana to perform during the 49th birthday of Ghana’s independence. Vinx continued with his many social and cultural projects. Vinx was honored to produce Druzina, the award winning Slovak folkloric band. Professor Vinx joined the faculty at BERKLEE SCHOOL OF MUSIC in Boston for the summer sessions.

2007-2009 Vinx returned to Accra Ghana as artistic director… 50th independence day of Ghana Nu Jazz Festival.  Vinx turns 50 and completes “50 Memoirs of a Hip Old black Man”  A 4 volume CD  with 50 new songs. Songwriter Soul Kitchen goes International with a week long workshop in Riga, Latvia. 2008 He launches the Troubadours Gathering Festival which met with great success. Vinx founded this event that focuses on singer-songwriters. 2009 vol 2 of “50 memoirs of a hip ole black man” is released…. Vinx the educator conducts a 2 week creativity project at the East New York/ Brooklyn charter school for the entire 4th grade.  Vinx continues teaching summers at Berklee College of Music in Boston and continues to help area track coaches as a Triple Jump specialist and consultant .. this year was the University of Maine.

2010 Vinx moves to the northeast (Vermont and New Hampshire). Forms the European super group GROOVE HEROES and begins touring.  Soul Kitchen travel to Regensburg, Germany.  Vinx’s parent company Dreamsicle Arts & Entertainment creates a community-building and rural cultural exchange program at the Rivendell Academy in Orford, New Hampshire. The Dreamsicle team led by Jennifer Lambert and Vinx, directed the students through the process of creating their first (student-run) music festival “ICE JAMZ” which was successful beyond expectations!

2011 the Songwriter Soul Kitchen moves to New Hampshire with events in Keene NH, Belize, Cozumel, Ocho Rios and Lakeside Michigan. In between European tours solo and with Groove Heroes, Vinx produced Keene, NH Indie/Americana band “Girl and Piano” on their new release and Poppy, aka Jim Boyd, with a children’s lullaby CD called “soundtrack for dreamers”. On the coaching front, Vinx worked with the Concord High School triple jump team. Vinx travels again to Accra Ghana to work with World Fusion stars Native Vibe. Plans for the rest of the year include Recording and touring with “Hiroshima” ..a 3rd Troubadours Gathering and an international DRUM/DANCE Festival in Vermont. AND the release of a Groove Heroes CD and the long awaited vol 3 of “50 memoirs of a hip ole black man”   With Vinx…..  the best is yet to come………