The Dynamite Dave Soul

The Dynamite Dave Soul

Those who know him or have heard “The Dynamite DaveSoul” spin acknowledge him for his boundless taste in music and ability to bridge the gap between young & old music lovers alike. Upon listening to his mixtapes and live performances, it is quite evident that he is the ideal deejay: part-music historian, part-turntablist. In a world full of CD/MP3 DJ’s, DaveSoul continues to rock crowds the way Hip-Hop’s forefathers did back in the day: with 2 turntables, a mixer & a microphone… *DaveSoul tends to credit both his mom and his grandmother for influencing him to become the music lover that he is today. Growing up in Chicago had a profound effect on his musical tastes as well…being exposed to everything from Funk, Disco, House, Blues & Jazz on radio staions such as WBMX/V103, WHPK, WKKC & WGCI. But it was through Rap music that Dave was introduced to the more obscure 70’s Funk, Soul & ‘rare groove’ classics at a rather young age. In 1998, six years after his commute to New Orleans, DaveSoul and a couple of his Delgado Community College classmates, DJ Nine Lives and Troubleman, formed a deejay crew called “The S.W.A.T. Team”. They held down their very own 2 hour slot on New Orleans’ first live internet radio station,, up until its demise in 2000. During that two year span, DaveSoul began spinning at True Brew Cafe’…a small cafe’ located in the Downtown New Orleans area where a group of poetry lovers & writers, who dubbed themselves ‘Pozazz Productions’, held it’s Friday night poetry/open mic events. He would become their ‘resident’ DJ for the next seven years. During that time period, DaveSoul quickly became one of the most popular and versatile deejays to come out of New Orleans. He has deejayed at just about any & every major venue or nightclub in the city more than twice. He has deejayed for a quite a few Hip-Hop & Funk bands, notably Mental Metropolis & Soul Remedy. He has been featured in many a number of local New Orleans publications such as “WhereYa’At” magazine (1999) & “New Orleans” magazine (August 2004). He was one of the finalists in the ‘Kool DJ-Mixx Competition’ in 2000 and has opened for a number of national recording artists including The Roots, Erykah Badu, The Last Poets, Common (@ the 2004 Essence Fest), and most recently Roy Ayers, Fertile Ground & Bilal. DaveSoul released his first two mixtapes(“The Dynamite Adventures of DaveSoul” Volumes 1 & 2) in 2003. Since the event of Hurricane Katrina, DaveSoul has continued to move forward spinning for events in New York, Norfolk, VA & Atlanta, GA. And while currently residing in Atlanta, he still continues to deejay for gigs in New Orleans quite frequently. DaveSoul was the deejay in the “Coca-Cola Superlounge” at 2009′s ESSENCE MUSIC FEST in New Orleans. His latest mixtapes “Vol.9:Evolution/Revolution” & “Vol.6:The House That Soul Built” (released in ‘08 & ‘09 respectively) have been receiving major acclaim since their release and have been featured numerous times on WRFG (89.3 fm) in Atlanta. DaveSoul firmly believes that the role of the deejay is to “entertain, educate & enlighten the people. I feel that it’s my responsibility, as a deejay, to expose people to what they don’t hear about on the radio or other forms of the media. Each one of us has to lead by example & be the change that’s needed in the world. So, I feel that it’s important that we say something that means something, because the future is paying attention to us.” ….FOR MORE INFO CONCERNING MIXTAPES or BOOKING, CONTACT DaveSoul at Wanna’ know more about DaveSoul?…Check him out on Facebook!!!


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