DJ Hektik/San Diego

DJ Hektik/San Diego

San Diego is one of hip hop’s most overlooked cities. It may because it’s weather -today is no exception – is perfectly mild, and the vibe in the city can, at times, get lulled into being mild as well. Mild is not a word that can, nor should, be used when speaking of hip hop culture, being that the culture is

one traditionally known for being passionate, braggadocio laden, at odds with the status quo and confrontational. Don’t be confused, hip hop is known for its party side as well, but even that side of the culture is anything but mild.

San Diego may be mild mannered at first glance, but its rich history in hip hop culture, as well as the continued passing of such a legacy, refuses to go unnoticed. Similarly, DJ Hektik, aka Mr. Hek, has an unassuming way about him in conversation, but when his hands speak, those in attendance listen. Hek, as his friends call him, became a part of a legacy passed down from DJ Kool Herc as he and his friends in Mira Mesa (a northern suburb of San Diego) had to choose between running the streets with those involved in the gang culture that was heavy there in the early 90’s or the hip hop culture that was simultaneously thriving. Hek chose DJing house parties and the rest is history.

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