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Artists (from left to right)
Rahsaan Patterson, Zo!, Kindred The Family Soul, DJ Jazzy Jeff & Ayah, Deborah Bond and Carlitta Durand



Rahsaan Patterson “Bleuphoria”

Dee~va:     ( = Blazin’! )

Rahsaan Patterson has always been a favorite of mine. Not only is the man nice to look at….but this brother can sang…for real…The Neo Soul Crooner Rahsaan Patterson is back with his follow up to Wine & Spirits, Bluephoria…This is his 6th studio album… this CD is very different and not what you expect it to be…this piece of work is artistically very diverse. Rahsaan has teamed up with a list of talented artists… TaTa Vega the voice of Shug Avery in the color purple, Jody Watley, Faith Evans, Shanice Wilson Lalah Hathaway and Andre Crouch and his choir who all collaborated with him to deliver something simply euphoric….I gave it a listen at work….and ccouldn’t get into it…Then I put it in the car….and man oh man….ding! ding! ding!… we have a winner!!!! This CD is Funky Sexy Cool, Rahsaan ‘s beautiful vocals effortlessly flow against the canvas of R&B /Prince influenced beats… Is that auto tune I hear???…clearly he doesn’t need that …AT ALL!!!! This man’s vocal range is like non other….Miss You, Good Bye, Bluephoria and God really stand out … I can see the kids praise dancing to Mountain Top now… and 6 AM is the Stepper’s cut…I can really see that Rahsaan worked hard on this project as he poured his heart and soul into it…Rahsaan is truly gifted and I can’t wait to experience him live… I wonder what my counterpart Cam thinks…? 🙂

Cam:      ( = WHITE HOT!!!)
Right on Dee~va, I TOO can’t wait to be in “Rahsaan heaven” when he visits Dallas July 30th Live in concert with the Brown Sugar Suite series!! I will go ahead and say that this album comes HIGHLY recommended….IT IS A MUST HAVE.

Transcending….Cleansing….Deep….Refreshing! Rahsaan’s highly anticipated album “Bleuphoria” is the NEW vibration that I need! The way he uses his voice as an “instrument” throughout this entire project leaves me SPEECHLESS! Not to mention his songwriting genius. With me being a loyal follower of Rahsaan since his first self-titled album in ‘97, (Yep, when he rocked the short dreads with a splash of “golden blonde”… he has evolved into one of the most influential soul artists out there. I must say that Rahsaan has taken a unique approach with this album. Stepping into territories that his loyal followers aren’t accustomed to, Rahsaan EFFORTLESSLY unfolds his artistic growth beautifully. This is definitely a masterpiece of lyrical genuis. With guest appearances from A-listers like Faith Evans, Lalah Hathaway, Tata Vega, and others, the harmonies and production will pull you in from the beginning to end.

This album opens with such STRONG energy from “I Only Have Eyes For You”….yes, this is a remake of a classic, but even if this wasn’t known, Rahsaan immediately makes you feel “at home” with this one. He takes it up a notch, giving us several joints with a funky-filled flair…..such as “Crazy (Baby)”. This has already won a place in my daily “ritual” listening playlist….”cuckoo cuckoooooo”…. definitely a dance floor banger. “Easier Said Than Done” which is the lead single from this album, gives us a smooth, easy-breezy groovy vibe (can’t help but sing along and bob your head to it). Rahsaan now shift gears, taking us to a place of tranquility where you’re compelled to simply LISTEN & indulge in his flawless voice. Giving us the emotional depth that has always been his signature, “Miss You” and “Goodbye” are hypnotizing ballads that reminds you of why Rahsaan won your heart from the start. (His vocal range is OUT OF HERE!) The musical journey gets even better as Rahsaan delivers the gospel-infused “MountainTop”, with help from Tata Vega & Andrae Crouch Singers….takes us down a rhythmic sexy path with “Makin Love” and “6 AM” (ft. Lalah Hathaway), and wraps it up amazingly with a more subtle “kick back” approach with “Insomnia” and “God”.

What I absolutely adore about Rahsaan’s music is that it’s truly emotional and story driven. With this album, he takes us on a electro-soul ride….letting the listener into his personal space, sharing all that has influenced him as a singer/songwriter over his career. While classic R&B is Rahsaan’s roots, this album shows that his depth runs far beyond this. He ventures out and gives us a perfect blend of pop, rock, soul, gospel, and R&B…satisfying the musical taste for anyone that happens to pop in the CD.

The brilliance and evolution of Rahsaan as a singer/songwriter/producer is evident with this album; and one to be celebrated for years to come.

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Zo! “…just visiting three”

Cam:  ( = WHITE HOT!!!)

I got home, settled in, and waited ANXIOUSLY for midnight, 7.12.11. On EDGE, I kept watching the clock, reading Zo!’s tweets. Finally it was midnight. I downloaded “…just visiting three”…pressed PLAY….and that’s when the magic began. I was so overwhelmed listening to this album,multiple eargasms….so POWERFUL…next thing I knew, I had listened to the album 3 times prior to FORCING myself to stop listening! Yessss, Zo! is one of my favorite multi instrumentalist/producers of all time. Most know of him for his work with Phonte and The Foreign Exchange, but his musical “resume” runs beyond this. I think about when the ‘…just visiting” series started back in 2006, with the first volume “…just visiting”, and the second volume “…just visiting too…” released in 2009. Just like these first two installments, make no mistakes about it, this third volume is GROWN FOLKS MUSIC! I nearly CRIED when the last track ended….I wanted more!

If you’re not familiar with the Just Visiting series, Zo! takes us down “memory lane” of some of our favorite 70s/80s R&B ballads and puts his “special touch” to them. With each installment, the songs of choice grew more “challenging” from a musical “remake” standpoint….however, it’s clear that Zo! loves a challenge, and effortlessly claims victory with JV3 as he did with its predecessors. This album delivers 7 songs in which each cover meets or EXCEEDS the pleasure of it’s original. “Marzipan,” which is a track originally sung by Eric Tagg in 1982….gives a softer feel. However Zo!’s version adds in more defined instrumental pieces (such as the drums), and smooth vocals from Eric Roberson & Phonte (one of my favs on the album). The cover of Steely Dan’s “Black Cow” was AMAZINGLY done, with the captivating vocals of Zo!’s +FE family, Phonte and Sy Smith, along with a funkier bass-line. The album features other dynamic artists such as Nicholas Ryan Gant, Anthony David, and Jean Jolly. It’s refreshing to feel the “passion” behind each cover. PHENOMENAL. Just when I feel Zo! has outdone himself, he BLOWS MY MIND again and again. I wonder if he’ll visit us for a 4TH TIME??? Can’t wait for his Official listening party at The Foundation Room in Dallas, hosted by Frances Jaye w/Neo Soul Café on August 3rd! This is GOOD HONEST music for everyone to enjoy…and he’s giving it to you FREE….it gets no better than this people.

Dee~va:      ( = WHITE HOT!!!)
…and in this corner Zo!, Let’s get ready to rumble!!!…the crowd goes wild….Zo! does it again this EP is The Bomb!.Com… You can depend on Zo! and his patnas in crime to deliver the TKO…I think sometimes songs should not be covered…however this is not true for Zo! and his cohorts… Phonte & Sy Smith doing that Steely Dan joint, Black Cow…. priceless…Let it Go!…is Oh so Smooth…Driving….Sy Smith…. Marzipan feat. Eric Roberson and Phonte… Everything She Wants forget about Wham….Phonte is a beast!!!…I really felt like it was an out right sin to re-make an Anita Baker song….however I have to change my thought process because Jeanne Jolly did her thing….on Same Ole Love…and it was good… Anthony David is so talented…His raspy voice sounded so much like Barry White… I had to listen again to make sure I wasn’t trippin’ could Zo! possibly be the GOAT!!! …P.S. I ain’t one to talk …but I heard that Zo! is back in the studio…Dang dude!…do you rest????

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Kindred The Family Soul “Love Has No Recession

Dee~va:    (= Fiya! )
Kindred in hand? Check, Shades on? Check in the car bout to ride out…The Sheddington fills the ride with sounds reminiscent of a Blackxploitation movie soundtrack….Sounds good …It even feels good I love it!!!! I’m looking for videos with beautiful people in vintage clothes and

Afros…Going to the go go! Whoa! this is the cut…Fatin and Chuck Brown are going hard!!! This is no doubt the picnic block party cut. I can’t wait to hear this live….The title cut…Love has no recession….Aja, Aja Aja….no words ….she is bad….Yes Sir I do declare…Kindred the family Soul did that….In a recession this joint is worth your dollar…Kindred is undeniably the 1st Family of Soul…I love how they make it cool to be in love and have a family…Black Love lives….and its beautiful….P.S. Now…I ain’t the one to be messy but it looks like somebody else has left Hidden Beach Recordings…..hmmmmmm

Cam: ( = Blazin’! )

Is that right Dee~va?! 🙂 Hey, as you expressed so well sis, no matter what, Kindred The Family Soul is an extraordinary duo; and their new album “Love Has No Recession” proves they haven’t lost a BEAT! I stared at the cover of this album, and said “Wow, even in the deepest of waters, stripped bare in the middle of nowhere, they are still at peace….because they have each other.” This album tells us a story of REAL LIFE. While keeping “love” as the core element, this couple (Fatin & Aja) address other dynamics in the world that we all encounter in our journey. ….Financial struggles….social & political issues…..different whirlwinds of hardship. Kindred shows us that we have HOPE, we have POWER, & a choice….enlightening us that LOVE overcomes it all! Love Has No Recession…..& Kindred’s soul-piercing delivery lacks NO GOOD THING! 🙂

It opens with a grimy-edgy soulful instrumental “The Sheddington”…instantly I was taken back to the funky sounds of the “Shaft” soundtrack.….it embodies the rhythm & varying temperatures of day-to-day life. Then transitions into the “Above Water part 1” interlude…..surfacing the financial struggles a lot of us are facing; and sets the tone for “We All Will Know,” featuring the dynamic Raheem Devaughn. And let’s not get started on “You Got Love” ft. Snoop Dogg….(yes I have to get up and do my 2-step on this one!). This album gives you their timeless Philly sound, while adding a tasteful flavor of positive hip-hop, spoken word snippets, electric “go-go” DC sounds, and R&B grooves…..all protesting and holding up the name of LOVE within each track. Not to mention amazing guest features from Bilal, Carol Riddick, CoCo Brown and more!

This album really depicts what true love and DEVOTION is about . It’s a reminder to capitalize on what you HAVE rather than on what you feel you’re lacking during these difficult times….and that’s EACH OTHER. This is “Passion” music….gotta love it!

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DJ Jazzy Jeff & Ayah “Back For More”

Cam:  ( = WHITE HOT!!!)
Legendary producer DJ Jazzy Jeff & Toronto songstress Ayah brings us a UNIQUE soul experience. I SALUTE YOU for this Jeff! This entire joint is BLAZING! He took classic hip-hop tracks, coupled it with Ayah’s soulful melodies, delivering the perfect blend of “feel REAL good” music. Takes me to back to those good ole house party music, to groove to. Reminds me of the “Hey DJ keep playing that song….” kind of vibe that Zhane’ gave us in the 90s….especially with the title track “Back For More.” Not to mention Aya shows her versatility on “Notorious”….unleashing her inner edgy “b-girl” alias….bringing the perfect flair to this hip-hop joint. Jazzy Jeff does a wonderful job of paying homage to Marvin Gaye with sampling “Mercy Mercy Me” on the track “Make It Last”….as Ayah sings ‘you got to make it last…ya got to put that fear in the past…’. Such a motivating and soothing track.

Certified Classic Collab. This 13-song project showcases wonderful instrumentation, powerful vocals, smooth flow from the beginning to the end. Play it in your car, add to your IPod playlists, play it at the cookout, your evening dinner party….this album fits whatever your mood and pleasure desires. This is surely an album to keep in rotation all summer long, and forever more. One that the hip-hop heads and R&B/Soul fanatics will appreciate and savor…spin after spin. Yep, DOPE to the MAX!  Your thoughts Ms. Dee~va?

Dee~va:      ( = WHITE HOT!!!)
Let’s go on and call a spade a spade….Jazzy Jeff is a mad scientist….Philly stand up!!! This EP is SUPER DOPE!!!!! The master mixologist has been in the lab mixin’ & cuttin’…. It’s just the perfect combination of the compound Ayah + J squared that creates this Kamikaze of melodies and harmonies… thus yielding Pure Eargasms….be sure to grab the free download. It’s the featured in the Weekly Entree.

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Find out more about Ayah here >>  and more on Jazzy Jeff here >>

Deborah Bond “Madame Palindrome” 

Dee~va:      ( = WHITE HOT!!!)

OMG!!!!! Deborah Bond’s CD is beautiful…I absolutely positively love it…it is so smooth…It’s Awesome from the 1st track to the last! This CD is white hot….perfect for your chill out day…Deborah takes on a trip that is really laid back and easy….its definitely one for your collection…..Deborah doesn’t have to toot her own horn, I will do it for her TOOT! TOOT! Well worth your time and money! I really love every last track on this CD it is so sensual it will be in rotation while…well you get the picture ;-)…and all the rest. Go to CD Baby and Download it now!!!

Cam: ( = Blazin’!)
WE HAVE A WINNER!! Wow! I was so excited to know Deborah Bond had a new release on the way. If you’re not up on Deborah Bond, then this is the album to GET FAMILIAR with this DC soul-gem. Imagine driving down the coast….laying on the beach….feeling a warm captivating breeze….this is my zenful escape as I listen to the soothing track “Think Twice.” Perfect for chillaxing solo while sipping a glass of Cabernet….enjoying a nice romantic dinner with your significant other with candles burning….even sets an inviting mood for social entertaining. With “Madame Palindrome“, Deborah cohesively brings together jazz, sexiness, and edginess….an eclectic approach while exuding CLASS throughout the entire album. Her vocals are on a level of its own….however reminds me of the amazing Anita Baker. That says it ALL. It’s in YOUR best interest to add this album to your musical library….TRUST ME. A timeless collection of music…

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Carlitta Durand “Songs From Carli”

Dee~va:    ( = Fiya! )
Best known for her many collabos with The Foreign Exchange Family of artist , Carlitta Durand is back with her latest effort ….The very powerful voice of Carlita Durand delivers hip hop in a beautifully wrapped soulful package My cut ….w/ Dilla beats all up in and thru it….you can definitely catch that hump.

Cam: (= Fiya!)

After hearing Carlitta Durand’s timeless jazzy smooth vocals featured on countless songs with the wonderful +FE crew…such as Nicolay’s “Saturday Night” and “Shibuya”….Zo’s “Nights Over Egypt” and “Say How You Feel” (w/Phonte)….9th Wonder’s “Go All Out”, etc… this Minneapolis native definitely has proven she can hold her own. I was so excited to hear her solo project, “Songs from Carli”. As Dee~va mentioned, I definitely feel the J. Dilla influence on several tracks, spitting several bars….unfolding her hip-hop influence. One of my favorites on this album is “Halfway” featuring the dynamic singer/songwriter Phonte (of Little Brother & Foreign Exchange). This is one of them high voltage pop joints you blast while switching lanes down the freeway on a warm breezy evening out with your crew….Carlitta & Phonte’s vocals are a perfect pair for this track. While she gives us some of that 90s R&B feel on several tracks, she takes a walk on the edge….bringing a bit of a “techno” rhythm & reggae vibes as well. Be sure to cop this album, you’ll be glad you did.

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